Poem8. Deletion

If  whatever we think we need happens then where will we be now....if it happens for everybody then think where will the world go?? A poem on my thoughts about this.....  


Monday, tuesday, wednesday,
Days are moving on.
Each day teaches new lessons
Never repeats the old.
May be small, but they teach,
Makes us better selves.

A mark in mind each one leaves ,
Whether you know or not.
If we get the power to change
Some of our bad days.
Each of us will have a lot
Deleting to complete.
Wait and think before deletion
How it effected you?
If it had not happened ,
What will you be now?
Each bitter one leaves a lesson,
So great, with His grace.
He the dear God with his great love
Will never do us bad.
More than thousand mothers love,
He do have for us.
Be sure, whatever happens ,
Happens for our good.


Kavitha said...

Rashmi, u r growing.....no flying....too high...

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Yes, I share your philosophy that whatever happens, happens for our growth.......well done.

RiikaInfinityy said...

Slow and easy will be the greatest idea ever =P

Jingle said...

cute poem,
lovely done!