Poem 85.A Magic Broom

 A Magic Broom

Trying to assimilate the pieces
the burst-ed scattered mind .
High voltage when passes
the bulbs sure get busted .

Picked the pieces first
but realized it mundane
the parts where so fine
picking didn't worked.

Need a magic broom
to gather the broken mind
Have to fix the pieces
to groom again  fullest .


Poem84.The Escapade

The Escapade

I was going through
blue water - a lagoon, 
in a small boat, row
just me and me alone.

Singing happily aloud
was going, going forward,
not bothered about
what will happen,happened.

The water was so calm
and me at so peace
enjoying the palm
of nature with wide eyes.

Heard from distance my name
repeated again and again
looked up with a strain
to see my son near me.

Can't believe it was dream
the escapade seemed so real
the beauty,peace and calm
relaxed my nerves,can feel.

This poem is written for dverse MeetingTheBar: Beautiful Solitude
where the prompt is to just capture a bit of solitude in a poem.


Poem 83.Black


Sorrows and helplessness
attacks  on all days
fills the mind whole
then burst,nothing more.

When hurt inside deep
with words or mere a look
the depth of wound you cant
assess with just a peep .

Bleeding mind, unseen pain
makes the breath difficult
no sound comes from mouth
try so hard you do.

Suffocation when out of control
sounds come from chest
so strong in the form of cough
leave you shaky breathless .

Dead inside almost,the mind,
Yet you expect light in eyes,
a smile on face?  ha..human dear,
Just in black and more black.....

Poem82. Timeworn Memories

Timeworn Memories

Being back in teens
fresh natural feelings
no high standard to meet
do what I wish to do.

All those days long back
comes back fresh on mind
not  only remembering
but feels  like re-living.

My hand just goes up
as if to catch the moment
to stop the time forever
to feel that, so precious.

Never had I thought
all was stored inside,
until it got re-winded
the timeworn memories.

Last minute what I did
difficult to remember
but silly, can visualize
all those with open eyes.

So happy but so sad
time had gone away
Yes,taken its toll on me
just a fading flower.

Written for the Poet United's Thursday Think Tank prompt 'Timeworn'.




Was trotting in the ground
for health, going round
got aware of a sudden
some odd stares on.

Turned around to find
saw in black hood two
looked to know who were
but saw no face ,shocked.

Worried with fear, not sure,
it was real surprise.
Question sure I did,
but sound got just echoed.

Simply they followed
without a sound or nod
who they really were
why follow confused.

Were they the death guards?
came to take me off guard?
did my days do end,
or warning of some sort?

Chanted all the prayers,
which came to mind with fear
you take, no probs , oh God,
but why you make me afraid?