Poem44.Live in Present

Live in Present

Leaning on an elbow
peering out a window.
View the road nearby
morning flying by.
People moving,
vehicles going
children running
horns are sounding

Busy on their own walks
each of them  in journey ahead
what they do,where they go
who knows, who cares.

Want for a bright future
forgets to live todays.
we run,work , gain fortune,
but health deteriorates.

Thriving for better lives
makes us run very fast.
What happens if we decides
sure,do live in present.

Death a dangling  blade
hangs on each one's head
Better for us live today,
tomorrows who can say .

Entered for Jingle's Poetry Potluck -Journey and the Road Ahead!!!!!

Thank you Jingle for honouring me with this...I really appreciate and this gives more confidence for me to go forward...         




Being within home for long
effected me more than I thought
was never aware until recent
when the family tree gathered.

A blow so strong it was
deep down struck so hard.
disturbed I feel in group
worries,will do some blunder .

But for that day I knew
somewhere something wrong
if in this shell any long
will go mad, thought rang .

A healthy person ,yes I am,
no visits ,seldom visitors .
Family see, morning evening,
they always move out and in .

Shell of my own creation,
tortoise with me if competition
who will put their head out more?
ha, dear turtle will win the race.

A parrot in a golden cage ,
with mineral water,packet foods,
both of us bothers not
what happens outside confines.

Hesitation to go out mingle
excuses a lot we have.
Man as social animal
why oh! God you created?