Remnants for you,
but a treasure for me,
remembrance of gone days.

 childhood spent around Grandpa
  the star of my small eyes.
 red sofa, his favorite spot .

Sitting there so majestic
used to tell mighty stories,
and reading was a craze.

With broad outlook, clever so calm
never heard shouting but was strong
                                                         ready solutions just in hand.

That were days so filled with joy,
 love, affection there in air,
he, so proud  to be my gpa.

Now also when I go there
hear him talking as before,
Hallucination might be, but for me just real.

It is written for The Mag145  where we have to write on a photo prompt.



Your handiwork pulls Oh! God,
each second towards you,
with perfection, the beauty,
melody of the life around.

How cleverly have you kept
the mist on the leaf top.
When the rain drops down
sweet music, tempts to dance.

Butterflies swirl around
green,yellow wish to touch.
The songs of birds makes me smile
takes me somewhere in a bliss.

Lush green paddy fields
laughing shooing in the breeze.
My heart goes out towards you
with so much love and gratitude.

Poem89.A Step

A Step

”Can You hear me?
Where are you?”
Search for you had been on
was going on and still on.

My loud inner voice
Reverberated through
the valleys green around
mountains of  vast mind.

Riding on the thoughts
looked everywhere
Couldn't find ,instead
got into a pandemonium.

For some time confused
Didn’t know what to do
What is right or wrong
Wasn’t able to decide.

Now trying to put a step
Hoping it to be the right
will take me to you, straight.
Oh! God,when will we do meet?


Poem88.My Sea Blue

My Sea Blue

I can see the waves coming,
strong, big so frightening.
Is there time to take the coat
my favorite yellow on rod?

Had seen these rough times before
but not so anger never been there.
What happened to you my dear?
why you give us so much fear?

Anyway I am on my run
trying to go ahead of you.
Won't allow to take your turn
without a fight my Sea blue.

Written for The Mag144 where we have to write on the given photo prompt. This is mine.You could read other wonderful poets if you go there.

Poem87.Thank You

Thank You

So many verses came and went
as in film on the screen of  mind
you danced and tried to attract me
sad, I saw but couldn't write.

dances of you, my dear words
soft, urgent ,at times wild
all the tensions ,bad fears
you tries to swipe with your glide.

Wish to thank you with my heart
know that you won't need that bit
if you were not there as dear
what would I have done oh! peer.


Poem86. A Handicap

A Handicap

Living in the past
future or present
not sure whether alive
but wish so otherwise.

when others peep
they might think
o, lucky so happy,
so well off  to show off.

in their mind
they might have
wishes to be like
ha, if they only knew?

Having grown out
yes, physically
but mentally a handicap
will you really wish to be ??