Poem14. An Affair

An Affair

Rain  rain all around
sky tries to touch the land.
When rain hits the ground
look how behaves the earth .

A kiss,a hug ,then dancing
happy to meet
after the wait.
onder as I watch them play
do they have an affair not?

Storms at times with
when they quarrel as lover's.
Inbetween the sky there clear
as if not in speaking terms.

Rains softly wildly at times
takes a break showers again.
Falls on all, tree or grass
loves the earth that is certain. 

Wrote this poem on prompt "Water" for Poets United"

also linked to Poetry Potluck: Fire, Water, Earth, Air

Poem13. Invitation


Anotherone is waiting for you..?

Love,connects yourself with other;
realises was suffocation,
only adjustment,
just modesty.

Hurts, to the inner core,
breaks my heart,
the confidence,
my  pride.

Tremble without base
as a bubble ,
without direction,
ready to burst .

 To be with your love,who gets irritated,
with your dressing,
your character,
mere sight of you.

Death,people fear from the mere name
Do I fear it?
No,I wait for,
No,No Invite.

This one  was written 2 months back,but thought will fit for the prompt at Magpietales.
At  Magpie tales-We have to write a poem or short vignette using the picture featured as your inspiration.


Poem12. Happy journey

 Happy journey
Chuk chuk, chuk ran my train,
in a rhythm it went forward.
Watching out and just thinking,
a passing time for journey ahead.

Soft green, lush green, dark green,
different types of greenery seen.
Across the bridge we crossed a river
running eager to the sea so near.
Buildings,monuments big or small,
stands with their master's pride.
Flowers waved 'hei' to all,
 swaying their heads in breeze.

Travelling is a pleasure for me ,
lucky chance to meet unknown.
'Happy journey'  wished my dears.
 A journey makes me happy dears.
Entered for Jingles poetry potluck  --buildings-landmarks-and monuments


Poem11. Metamorphosis

Just some questions arised in my mind.... A small poem ...about my todays thoughts ...


Oh! caterpillar,how r you?
He said, fine thank you.
If you ask me ,how r you?
Will reply,fine thank you.

Oh! caterpillar,where you go?
Above the leaves,in and out.
If you ask me ,where you go?
Through my house,in and out.

Oh! caterpillar,what you do?
Find food and have food,
If you ask me, what you do?
Make food and have food.

Telling so he went on and on
Like me ,nothing more to talk.
Went inside a nice cocoon,
Like me, in my lonely walk.

Metamorphosis, for you there
transformation, for me here.
Secluded from outside there,
trying changes alone here

After sometime it will break,
out will come a beautiful dear.
When God decides, mine to break
wonder what there be ,my dear?.

Poem10. Depression


Lack of words,
lack of thoughts,
lack of actions,
no reason to live.

None to talk,
none to hear,
none to say,
we need you.

Without a smile,
without a pat,
without a feel,
failure myself.

Feeling empty
feeling lost,
feeling waste,
is this depression?

Entered for Jingle's poetry potluck. -Moods, feelings and emotions!!


Poem9. Dancing Butterflies

Dancing Butterflies

Red,Blue, orange butterflies  
Rest above a nearby  bush
Sat motionless as in trance,
Carefree, serene,poised.

Soft breeze made them fly
Broke their moment of peace
Flew up, changed their regrets
Swayed again with friends.

Looks like flying flowers
Eager to kiss their dears.
Beautiful moment so solemn,
Wish it lasts for ever.


Poem8. Deletion

If  whatever we think we need happens then where will we be now....if it happens for everybody then think where will the world go?? A poem on my thoughts about this.....  


Monday, tuesday, wednesday,
Days are moving on.
Each day teaches new lessons
Never repeats the old.
May be small, but they teach,
Makes us better selves.

A mark in mind each one leaves ,
Whether you know or not.
If we get the power to change
Some of our bad days.
Each of us will have a lot
Deleting to complete.
Wait and think before deletion
How it effected you?
If it had not happened ,
What will you be now?
Each bitter one leaves a lesson,
So great, with His grace.
He the dear God with his great love
Will never do us bad.
More than thousand mothers love,
He do have for us.
Be sure, whatever happens ,
Happens for our good.


Poem7. Please .... Let Me

Please…. Let me

Let me see what I wish,
Please don’t say no.
Let me hear what  I want,
Please don’t say no.
Let me do what I like,
Please don’t say no.
Let me be what I am,
Please don’t say no.

I am here and I am there,
Wandering all over.
In my mind I do know,
Where I should stop.
May be strange you may think,
Let me be like that.
In my way let me learn,
Meaning true of life.


Poem6. Naughty Appu

Naughty Appu

 ‘Ding dong‘ rang the front bell,
Appu was alert.
Should I take a look or not
Flashed his mind a sec.

Then he thought against it,
And went under the cot,
Without a sound he lay there
Lazy and relaxed.

“Appu, Appu go to cage”,
Called out my daddy.
Without a sound he reclined,
 As if he didn’t hear.

Appu Appu where are you?
Search for him went on.
Sales man went off angry
Waiting for so long.

We can’t open door before,
Putting him in cage.
Appu, my dear naughty dog,
Crazy, he may bite.

Cage he hate and love to roam,
My home his dear world
Obey he wont, fears a stick,
Wants to be near us.

When I call him comes slowly,
As if why you call.
When I caress wags his tail,
And lay down at my feet.  

A poem about my pet  Appu......

Poem5. A Miracle

A Miracle

 Words, they come out of me,
in a gush as if rush.
I said sh......!  wait, am busy,
then they stopped and stared.

They had danced in front of me;
before, I wasn't aware.
Now they flow ,flow and flow,
like a river towards sea.

Transformation big that happened,
a  housewife turned poet.
God's miracle may you call this,
lazy turned creative.

Entered for Jingle's Thursday Poet Rally week 31.

For more beautiful poems just go there. 


Poem4. My Mighty Man

My Mighty Man

With full heart I prayed to God ,
to give a partner friend.
With full love ,back HE replied;
with his choice, my husband.

Yes, he is my Mighty man,
the answer from my God.
But as the roses has thorn;
he has anger around.

With all the anger, swinging moods,
He is there for me,
Knew for sure that God has blessed ,
with His choice for me.

Yet, at times with swinging moods,
I do blame my Lord,
Thorns near so loving flowers,
why you give,my God?

Even though so loving flower,
can’t show your love.
For a moment if you don't care,
thorns will get to you.

Thorns protects from harm the roses,
a natural defense.
May be anger, God’s defense;
to protect,Mighty man so dear.

Entry for Poet United's The Thursday Think Tank - #20 


Poem3. For my sake ...............

For my sake
Small kids, circle parents,
dump them when they grew.
People who were beloved once,
mere burden,in their view.

Wonder why so drastic change,
once so dear now burden?
We say not expect return,
but are human, no saints.

Today  she, tomorrow me,
all of us will be someday.
Pray! Help me ,Oh my God,
Help me to, not depend.

Make her happy for my sake,
I can't help her but you can .
Oh! My Lord please help her,
To be happy and relaxed.


Poem2. Happy World

A poem on how I feel today .

Happy World

Is it lava ,burning heart, 
Tell me which is more hot?
Advise me, the degree,
To which heart is burning high.
Explain you might, lava degree.
Find the other possible not.

Cools a smile the pain of heart
A good word, touch may less the heat
Take a pledge we will today
Yes, will try our level best.
Less the pain of burning hearts,
Help  we can without effort,
With our smile we less the pain,
Happy World, sure we make.