Poem 70.Fire of Dreams

Fire of Dreams

Conflicts between what am
what wanted to be
always  back in mind.
At times it reaches that point
where you burn yourself
with inferiority
but sits idle
feeling helpless 
day dreaming 
just allowing self
to get ruined in the fire of dreams.
Is it fair to yourself?
Why and why can't I find the courage
from the fire to leap forward
reach the goal or atleast try?
Dreams should give you power
to aim, shoot and reach your goal.
Or you will be like a volcano
always ready to erupt........


Poem69.Oh GOD....You are great...

In my last poem I have prayed to dear God to run antivirus on me....He instantly answered to my request and was hospitalised and done a full scan on me.....Just today came out clean....Oh GOD....You are great......
Really God has made me clean,clean my mind eyes ears everything...
Now I can hear the world in its true beauty. Hear the music..see all of you and more over be happy to be alive ...................

Had prayed to god
for cleaning with antivirus
never thought will grace soon
just the next day morn.

Then ,
 lying down in the hospital bed
closing eyes and watching
I can see dear words
with wonderful dresses
floating towards me.
They danced before me
called me to wake up
made me sure write.

Compelled, took a book
a pen  was ready,then
they went behind a curtain.
Now if lie down, sure
will start calling again.........