Poem36.A Proud Mother

A Proud Mother

You, my  dear kids live with me.
Happy to be your mother, dear.
  I will share
, for your info,
the details of my family tree.
Eight of us , seven are boys;
me the only girl of the family.
Father Mr.Sun ,with grace,
looks after us so dearly.

We, a nuclear family so close,
do have lots and lots of cousins.
Numbers of them, count you try,
goes on just like the ocean waves.

Father from 'The Milkyway',
big and respectable family way.
Brothers,sisters countless save,
so many first cousins we so have.

Milkyway ,close to Canis Major
thinks of a merge,out of love. 
other dears, some to name.
A family so vast and wide,
out there life exists, who knows.
I ,the Earth,so proud to have ,
you all as my dear naughty kids.

Written for Jingle's Poetry Potluck.Click the link below to enjoy some great writes of other poets.

POETRY POTLUCK - Nature: Plants, Creatures and the Cosmos


Poem 35.The Chakra of Life

   The Chakra of Life

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I just changed the dress of my blog,
as someone told me that is old.
Tried to dress her as per log,
beautiful it came out from  mold.

Didn't change any contents old,
everything was  the same dear ones.
By changing only the outer layout ,
the blog emerged fresh at once.

Got struck with thought suddenly,
is this same as the chakra of life?
Samsara chakra, the theory of life,
explained in hindu mythology .

When we die nothing changes,
the karmas of life wears another dress,
takes new human form and continues.
Seems new born for us, but old karmas.

Why some has pain even though good,
why the bad reaps good, this explains.
The karmas which are carried forward,
determines what and how our lives.

Thank you Jingle for giving these beautiful awards..I am very happy to have all these  and all the appreciation..


Review of my blog

Leo,has written a beautiful review on my blog at  JinglesPoetry..
You can read the whole review by going HERE.
I am very grateful to him for such a wonderful review.
I never thought of myself worth mentioning..
When I read him I was wondering, is he talking about me?.
Thank you LEO for reading me with such seriousness and for all your suggestions.
I was busy for last week so I will go through all your suggestions and will do whatever I can ..
Thank you Jingle for your support as always..
This post is just to tell both of you." Thank You LEO and Jingle".

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Review Tuesdays - Her World

For us poets, writing our heart out means a lot. Poetry is our world, and we sometimes lose ourselves wandering its many streets. Browsing Jingle Poetry Potluck, I found a new blog, just into the fifth month. The title expresses what a poet feels about poetry – “My World”. The poetess there, Rashmi Jayakrishnan

More about Rashmi
Rashmi is a blogger and a poetess from India. She calls herself a toddler in poetry, one who continued in poems after getting support from her friends. She informs her readers that being new to poetry, they might find rough edges there, and may or may not call them as poems. However, she is open to suggestions, and that I feel is a quality any poet should have, as they look to improve their art.

What’s her world like?

Rashmi’s blog is more focused on the poems than the template or design. The template is a Blogger default template, with a split sidebar. There are six widgets: Followers, Recent Posts, About, Blogroll, Blog Archive and her Indiblogger Rank. The blog archives show that she’s been writing from July 2010 and has 34 posts.

Rashmi’s Poetry:
Rashmi’s poems are simple and from her heart. No unnecessary depth in them, and nice rhyme and/or flow to each of her works. She writes for a few memes, Jingle Poetry and Thursday Poets Rally stand out from them I feel. Her choice of topics and words are unique and bring a smile to the readers face. She numbers her poems, though I don’t know if it is to keep track of her progress or just habitual.

From her poems I’ve read recently, I feel the poem she penned for Magpie Tales, titled “Who Am I?” is her best effort. It expresses a question that most of us can relate to, and it is presented in direct, yet unique manner. Another read I’d recommend from her budding space is “Envision”, which is a two verse set, each can stand on its own, and when read together makes the poem all the more beautiful. The question and answer style of presentation is catchy.

All her poems are worthy reads, and for a blogger just finding her feet, the returns are quite impressive. A nice blog to start following and to expect some nice poetry with each update.

The poetry is on right track, Rashmi, I’m admiring your simplicity… the blog could use a new template perhaps, some widgets to go with it as well… (Maybe like a visitor counter, or a slideshow for your awards, etc.) It’d give your blog a more welcoming look. There are sites like Btemplates which give you a wide range of templates. I’d also suggest you “label” your posts so the readers can search based on that.

Who am I?

I’m Leo; author of I Rhyme Without Reason, co-host of Review Tuesdays here at Jingle Poetry along with Someone is Special. Hope you enjoy reading about the blogs, and do go read them too. Rashmi, reading your blog was very nice, and it was really nice reviewing a blossoming blogger. Do let me know how you found it, or if I went wrong somewhere!

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Poem34.The Greatest Wonder.

The Greatest Wonder

Seven wonders of the world ,
the pictures when I saw,
'which is the greatestest wonder?'
the question arised raw.

All these wonders, so special
no doubt ,but then;
everything we see are miracles,
yet taken for granted.

Everyday sun rises east ,
the moon comes only night,
rain gives us water  pure,
the air only in earth.

God created universe
man  created his own,
God gifted powers unique
so he could be like Him.

If all these are miracles,
then what you call the man?
The greatest wonder of the world
who feels himself God.

 Written for Jingle's  POETRY POTLUCK -Magic & Miracles, Wonder & Wizardry

Entered for Jingle's Thursday poet's rally week 33. Click here to read other poets who participate there


Poem33.Perfect Family

 Perfect  Family

When  hear of family,
thinks of  Sun and Earth.
Sun the husband star,
Earth his loving wiife.

Burns himself alive
 provide energy for dears.
His way of running ,
a family so beloved.

Earth revolves him round ,
center of her life.
not bothered about
day or night or time.

Moon the child rotates,
the mother  he adores.
By doing so he rounds,
the Sun,his father too.

Sun ,earth ,the moon,
a closeknit  supermodel ,
an ideal small clear,
perfect great family .
Written for Poet's United's The Thursday Think Tank - #23 with prompt Family




I would like to own this piece
 classic jewelry so pretty.
Brown beads with locket beauty
so attractive ,wish to have .

The urge to own all things beautiful
is so human, which I have.
But will owning this ,bring happiness
for which I do search everywhere?

Yes,owning this will give happiness
which will last for a little time.
I do search for 'Aananda',
which once found,will stay forever .

Written for Magpietales where we have to   
Write a poem or short vignette using the picture featured  as your inspiration.




When to think, I try,
Can think of only I.
When I think of I,
can't figure it,sigh .

Am I filled with I?
Or is that all is I?
Or is there only I?

Am I  self centered,
Or is this selflessness?
Or  being not in self?

Can't think of some thing,
where I is not present.
The eternal witness,I -
the God and me in one.

 Entered for Jingle's poetry potluck.

Thank you very muchJingle for the awards....
You can find other super talented poets by clicking  here
I nominate Kavita    for the perfect poet award.


Poem30.What is Mine?

What is Mine?

what is mine?
 this body, mine?
are the body parts mine?
the thoughts or sleep ?

I should have,if its mine,
 control complete over these.
if I control my body,
 diseases do I have ?
if I control body parts,
 heart attacks,should I fear?
if I control my thoughts,
mental troubles,do I worry?
if I control sleep then,
do I think of getting up?

all these,I say as mine
not mine sure really .
 really mine, is there any ?
now , the present is mine.
nothing else, oh,my dear.

This post is for Thursday Poets Rally Week 32 Poem Post.
Thanks to Jingle for nominating the week 31Perfect Poet Award.
As for Week 32,  I nominate 'I Dream' of Olivia for the Perfect Poet Award.
Happy Thursday to You All!