Poem63.Plight Of The Fly

Plight Of The Fly

"Help","help" cried out the fly
from the cob web that was so high
oh! dears,please help me here
let me live, a little more.

Bee went by, cockroach passed
other dear ones also roamed
but, nobody helped not even tried
to help the poor, their dear friend.

fly thought- may be they didn't hear
so tried out a little more louder
he didn't think that even for wife
nobody will risk their own life.

For others who saw this plight
thought the spider got his prey.
Spider was happy was getting ready
to have a wonderful good breakfast.

But poor this fly was going through
that bridge between life and death.
Realised now that nobody will help
turned to God,with a cry like yelp.

At that moment the lady of the house
thought of removing the cobwebs,
took a long brush swiped the web
it was broken,the fly fell down.

came down hanging on a piece of web
reached the soft sofa safely,
removed the small portions happily
rested and flew away as a deb.

Again he was free, thanks to God
for hearing his prayers....
When our prayers are answered
we call God 'a dear' otherwise deaf.

Is this right?


Poem62.Change My Role

Change My Role

Breathing heavy
mind blank
shrinking inside
until myself just a dot..

criticism too much
on each and every action
certificates of honor often
egoist,self centered ,list goes on..

How many times a day
one can die
oh,I lost my count.

why don't the earth part
and take me inside,
may be not yet reached the climax?
when where and how will be that?

Expecting some miracles
in this drama life
"please change my role,Sir"
praying to the director Mr.God.


Poem61.Hope To Be Alive

Hope To Be Alive

Forty years back in March
where I was, what I did
questioned my mind
cant answer , unborn.

Thirty years back in March
where I was and what I did
just a toddler starry eyed
bothered about basic needs.

Twenty years back, looking back
was studying in my school
where we lived as in dream
without worries about morrows.

Ten years back same in March
 was then the college girl
stepping to the real life dreams,
aims,despairs all around me.

Now in this month March today
if you ask the same questions
a wife mother balancing life ,
 still running behind my dreams.

Ater ten years where I will be
sad i cant say for sure
but if alive should be doing
almost same as what now I do ...

Then by passing years by growing age
there at some point in my life
there will be an optimum
and then starts my count down.

I can tell about past and present
how can I say about future
not sure be alive next sec
just hope ,to be alive tomorrow.



Boiling mind too much now--
why worry,can you change?
questions are more
answers I don't like.

if a small feather
touch your child or dear
you are bothered worried.
but then that is natural .

this concern for them
this love for what is yours
this  attachment to world
the reason for all  tensions.

knowing all this
why i choose these
always have wondered
but still enjoy this life.


The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

The rules of this award
  1. Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them in your post.
  2. Tell 7 Random facts about yourself.
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 Thank You Tasithoughts for this Award- 16th March 2011.
I really thank you for honouring me with this award.....

7 random facts about myself
  1. I love travelling
  2. I don't like silly talks.
  3. I love to watch people and think why they behave like this...
  4. I love cooking new dishes (experimenting)..
  5. I hate the monotonous way of life..
  6. I am a vegetarian.
  7. I think I am a person with patience...
Third ...I am passing this award to
  1. Deborah
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    Fourth.....Now I am off to visit each of these special persons to let them know about this.......


    Poem59.My Wanderings

    My Wanderings
    Walking on that old street again
    as a stranger after many years
    those were walks where I had roamed
    as a child happy careless .

    Here yes, my heart leaps out
    as a kid when sees her dear.
    This place in the remote village
    touched inside ,made me want to cry.

    A temple surrounded by small forest
    the heart and soul of that village.
    So much has changed out there
    but was reliving my wanderings.

    Beautiful there seemed to me
    may be due to the happy memories
    wonder what magic that place hold
    just being there made me happy.

    Do places have effect on us?
    Does visiting a place change our moods?
    Is it the effect of place or our mind
    which is really playing the game?


    Poem58. Flying Away

    Flying Away

    Brooding over something
    without knowing
    with a blank stare
    just standing.

    children often finds me
    in the balcony
    at the kitchen as a doll
    just staring.

    at times in the middle of
    going away from the way
    of daily routine.

    flying away unknowing
    coming back when disturbed
    enjoying this journey
    as it goes new ways.


    Poem57.Be Winner

    Written for Poet United' s Thursday think tank prompt Quotations....
    I wrote on this one...
     " It's not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference. "  Bryant, Bear.
    Be Winner
    I want you to be winner
    winner and so happy.
    For me, always you are winner
    but for you ,you feel not.
    you may not know your power
    you may not see your charm,
    Problems may let come
    may success not come fast
    you will always win
    for you are brave honest.
    Move forward in the same path
    with an attitude so positive
    success will come running
    if aim is there in your eyes.
    For me, you always a winner
    will be, always a sure winner....

    Entering  for Poets United' s The Thursday Think Tank - #38 Quotes & Quotations




    I know what you do
    and you know what I do
    but I don't know why I do
    not bothered about my actions.

    My actions flows like river
    flow is its habit,
    so not worried about
    just do,do and do.

    But I would like to know
    what you think now
    why you did and how
    bothers much as now.

    why cant I take it as mine
    why don't I think it had flowed
    why that anxiousness to assess
    why that urge to go ahead ..

    Is this human nature
    or struggle for survival
    but on the run are we
    forgetting the values?

    Ownership of actions
    we  all doubt to take
    tries to blame others
    when our action goes wrong.

     I would like to thank Jingle  for giving me the award and also  all the fellow poets who had voted for me for this wonderful award....
    Thanks to all of you who have read and commented me ...your comments gives the confidence to write...your visiting and commenting is like the water and fertilizer for me...without that I would never have survived......Thank you again for the encouragement.