Poem55.Effect Of Haircut

Effect Of Haircut

Had never ever thought that
a haircut will effect one much
will change the outlook life
and change  her overall.

But yes ,it happened to me
and here I am fresh as new.
Does hair effect you much
or was there hair on thoughts?

Suddenly my eyes are blinking much
as if contacted bright light
was going through phases like
from a tunnel to the sunlight.

now am happy to be me
what I have and where I am
so happy, to have all those
which before made unhappy.

Nothing and nobody can
make you happy or unhappy
you ,yourself and your thoughts
make you what you are ...

Oh! God You are Great.....

Entering in Jingle's Poetry Potluck....

Poem54.For You Myself

For You, Myself

Brimming with joy
on finding myself
the carefree bold
happy dear me.

was always lamenting
without reason
what was wrong
why not happy.

having everything
family comforts
amenities surrounded
but  never satisfied.

thought it was other's fault
blamed always the dear God
for putting me in unhappiness
leaving  to, suffer inside.

Never ever doubted
the problem was with me
was trying to be someone
wife ,mother..... ideal.

To be someone ,to be ideal
good to hear but not practical.
Be yourself ,your true self
then all is well,for you myself.

Entering to Jingle's Poetry Potluck


Poem53.Return Gift

Return Gift

Squeezing out  little by little 
each day myself ,like lemon
why don't you do it at once
why you give pain to me?
know that it's not possible
but then at times
wish it to be at once...

Days are moving by
oh! life, you are taking my juice
fear do I ?
The body when the juices out
just like the lemon shell
no use,can't keep.
so burn it away...

But then I am happy
I have atleast juice
to offer,the world
from where I get my food
my comforts,everything
So let this be the return gift
from me to the dear world...

Written  for the Poet United's Thursday Think Tank  .
Entered for Mag 55 of Magpie tales .


Poem52.A Puzzle

  A Puzzle

What,you expect from life?
the question reverberate
tried to avoid it safe
but no ,can't escape .

the basic necessities
or the comforts
is it peace of mind
or the love you want.

confusion rises high
can't decide what
everything seem necessary
as a mixture it seems

each of these are like
pieces of a puzzle
place it in exact
the picture, then complete .

Will the life be worthwhile
if some of them you don't have
Success life is a combination
of comforts,peace and love.

Written for  Magpietales where picture is given as prompt.


Poem51.Out Of Necessity?

Out  Of Necessity?

Whom I love most - wonder..
have wondered all my life..
In childhood innocence -thought
that mother, i love most...
Then when married -realized
no, husband-I love most.

Then came children mine
the preference changed fine.

But now when look back
doubts , me or  mean?

Each of us do love
or think that do love fly
just  for our own sake,
love, out of necessity?

Entering for the Jingle's Poetry potluck .


Poem 50.To Me - Love Is

 This is my 50th poem......Thank you all for reading and supporting me...
To Me - Love Is

To me ,
 Love is a dear feeling
          recieving and accepting,
                                      with no conditions,
                                      no expectations,
      where you think about the other
                                       without your knowledge
                                       without your permission.
    where you go fly away, so high         
                                       above all the worldly worries.
                                       above the clouds ,above all..
    where you are happy not to be alone
                                       the comradeship, the understanding,
                                        the feeling of security , belonging.
But sad, never stumbled upon ,
or  heard of  true love one .

What we think as love is attraction
when it goes down,then comes frustration.

Frustration ask too much questions
 then  start real adjustments.

In love you have all the answers
so feel happy , blessed dears.

Blessed are those who live to love
who then sure will love to live........


Poem49. To Be Free

To  Be Free

A parrot in the sky
flies this way that way
in pursuit of food
for herself for child
she goes out wander,
not thinking of hunter.

Another in the golden cage,
walks inside as in rage,
trainer has trained to talk
some easy words during walk
imported food, mineral water
gives with love, the owner dear.

Give the bird a choice of these
we know which she will choose.
Sure the first where she can be
her own master happy  free.
To be free , be ourselves
we do wish but seldom can.
Entered for Thursdays Poets’ Rally week 38


Poem48.Not Happy

 Not Happy 

I am not perfect
and I know you are not
then, why perfection you expect
from me I wonder.

Not happy on me
and my due performance
how can I work, the way in your mind?

The way of thinking different
way of doing contrast
I can only try, to do it your way.

I have tried so hard
now too on the road
but whatever I do
you are not happy.


Poem47. A Dream

A Dream

Dream a home near woods
one to live alone,
with harmony nature
true to my dear self.

no duties,bindings
no sounds,yellings
calm and peace dances
where I do wish to live.

let the wild ones come
as and when they wish
we will sure share
a bond unique of love.

monkeys,oxes deers
names of some of them
who will come home.

Will this wish come true
in this world of chaos
can I find woods where
I can live alone?

Written for Magpietales where  we write a poem or short vignette using the picture featured as our inspiration.
and Jingle's Poetry Potluck.


Poem46. Believe me

 Believe me

Believe me if I say
I dont have any aim
believe me when I say
I dont have ambition.

Tried to think hard
atleast a small goal
but no I dont have
a wish to hang on thee.

Each day sun rise
as if to wake me up
do chores expected
as from wife mother.

Come the day to end
body will get tired
but mind still wander
where all, not clear.

No better tomorrows
nothing to expect more
each day pass by
without saying bye.

Night when I lay
awake in my bed
I do pray to Thee
let this be my last.

Written for Jingle's POETRY POTLUCK - Aims, Goals, and Ambitions...


Poem.45.The Influence

                                          The Influence

Bricks red made of mud
baked in the furnace hot
turned into strong lot ,
ready to face the weight bold.

Child soft is also shaped
 baking little everyday
shadow of days passed
make you grow by each day.

 Sure we think ,do all things
with our body mind and thoughts,
do we do the things same way
if our background not this way.
The childhood,teens and past
seem so distant dream like,
but  influence, it sure has
on each decision we do make.

Written for the Magpie tales- where we write a poem or short vignette using the picture prompt.