Walking in my home
as if in the moon
floating here and there
am I touching  ground?

Not well for some time
makes you to be like
a virus infected  pc
works upside down.

You go to take a pen
bring back a rubber
sure the question arise
' are you mad or not'.

The world is moving fast
 hard to get along
Pray to God to run
antivirus  clean.


Poem 67.Oh! dear words

Poem 67.Oh! Dear words

Words ,dancing around
one moment comes in front
Tries to capture, they vanish
ha,playing hide and seek?

before ,they were in order
but now  irregular
might be mad with me
for being not attentive.

dear ones,dont be angry
was busy and tired
wanted to play with you
but was not able to.

oh! dear words
you are my happiness
my way of talking and
touching  the, dear GOD.