Poem42.Oh! Santa where were you?

Oh!  Santa where were you?

Oh! my Santa where were you
we had gathered to welcome you
from dear kids to great grandma
aunties, uncles waited your way.

Around a camp fire we gathered
songs and dances of all kind
jokes,plays all was there
but all was waiting you oh! dear.

Enjoyment in the open ground
nobody went away from there
all the family around the fire
celebrations went  without you.

After midnight when all  tired
each went inside our own houses
we were so happy be together
enjoying with all for  first time.

But then you were on our  mind
why and why you didn't come,
Oh! Santa did you forget ?
or were you  busy somewhere else?


Poem41.Was all these necessary?

Was all these necessary?

Splitting head
bleeding mind
clouded face
confused inert.
bleeding body
medicine heals
bleeding mind
how to heal?

mistakes might have done
views two different so.
tried to explain reason
never thought it so grave.

words harsh aimed at me
to hurt to core,in anger.
time subsided the temper

regret only remained then.

every action for each person
there sure is a definite reason.
be ready to hear them proper
don't assume and shower your anger.

now also remains a question
"Was all this necessary?".


Poem40.Yes, I do write

Yes, I do write

words,sentences unspoken
circled through my mind
thoughts, not so clear
lots of them disturbed me.

words,flows through hands
to the notepad on my desktop
thoughts,getting clearer
more order,feel calm.

When thoughts comes to me
without any reason,without any order
say, 'I will look,just a minute'
they seem more clearer.

Yes, I do write in my own way,
with my limited vocabulary.
I do fly ,not so very high
but,enjoy the feel of going away.

Written for Jingle's POETRY POTLUCK - Reflections, Interpretations and Musings...
Entered for The Poetry Pantry - #22



Motivation so great
for poets new like us,
fear that thanks will make
the effort seem less oh! dear.
 Thank you Jingle for choosing me for this award.


Poem 39. The Smell of Earth

The smell of earth,ha... ,
when the first rain touches her,
magical, special ,I do love,
refreshing so welcoming.

The joy of first shower ,
how can I express.
The end of days so hot it says,
be ready to welcome rain .

I do have the wild desire
to run in the first rain drench,
play in with kids ,go rounds,
and feel the rain on me.

Sad but chains of modesty
which on my legs I do wear
stops me to be a peacock,
enjoy the first rain first hand.

For the poet's United's Thursday think tank prompt smell.


Poem 38. A Friend I Have

A Friend I Have

Who stands with you all times
whom  with you, share  feelings
whose mere sight calms you down
who will say ' will be ok'
with a nod , a pat,or a sound,
with love which you can feel
characteristics for a  friend
we look for ,but seldom get.

A friend such, I do have
who is near me and never fails.
When feel sad, I go there
she swings,touches for a pat.
When am happy then she sways
a breeze of love on my face.
She is there for me all day
ready to share my dear life.

Beautiful she stands out there
playing with lots of birds,
 morning early she wakes up
fresh with dew when I see.
 she sleeps with hands closed
tired after a days work.
Goose berry tree,my friend true,
dear to me and near always.

Entering  for Jingle's Poetry potluck


Poem37.A Lady Giant In IT

A Lady Giant In IT
Aspiration  was  high;
be opponent to Bill Gates,
 rule the IT kingdom;where
my logo stands with pride .
 'Be A Lady giant in IT.'

Hardworker I though,
work was love, passion,
what and where wrong went,
wish I was aware.
Regret? yes and no.

Regret ,yes I have
left back my passion
But do I regret ?no,
Rule the domain, family
happy with love care.

Decisions taken right,
at time which is right,
right amount of work,
writes to success life,
then happiness your right.

Written for Jingle's  POETRY POTLUCK - Dreams, Visions and Reveries...
and Poetry Pantry at Poet's United