Poem29. A Traffic Block

A Traffic Block

I was driving with family one  day,
through the unfamiliar roads happily,
we reached a busy junction slowly,
where each one was waiting impatiently.

Waiting in a row behind a big red wagon,
suddenly had a notion, I was in the row wrong .
I felt I had to go the other way turn;
so took the turn through the way wrong.

The opposite signal turned green
all the vehicles started  to horn.
I was struck in a quandary,
without a way to go forward.

I was in the middle of traffic,and
was making a traffic block.
Vehicles from all sides ,
started coming towards me.

Then the fear struck,
everything went blank,
sounds seemed distant,
breathing difficult,
started sweating.

Thought that moment would not end
not knowing what to do,
how to get out of the mess,
people started making noises.

How I don't know, but somehow;
put the car to the side maximum;
made space to pass a vehicle slow,
slowly the vehicles went along.

The mistake was mine,
nobody to blame,
the moment passed;
and I was back atlast.

Written for the Poet United's prompt -'Fear' .
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Entered for Jingle's  poetry potluck.
Entered for Writer's Island -Prompt #29 for 2010: Quandary


Poets Rally week 31 awards

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Appreciate your work and support for new people like me very much.

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Poem28. A Pussy Tale

A Pussy Tale

Written for Monday's Child prompt for children's poetry or verse

Come,little children
Let us go to sleep
I will tell you a pussy tale.
All of you listen to my tale
let us fall asleep.

Rise in the morning,
smart and sweet.
I will teach you to catch a mouse,
you will learn along.
Let me make you good pussy cats.

Poem 27. Who Am I?

Who Am I ?

I looked into the mirror,
 looking back,was a woman .
Asked her "who are you ?"
She replied ,"You,

came,my husband ;
 asked him to take a look.
"Do you know who this is?"
Smiled, answered
"why,you my

 my children, up called
asked whether they knew her.
They said "you,our 

I wandered ,
with this question,
"Do you know who I am?"
No two answers where the same,
and I was really confused so.
Who am I really?

Am I,
what I think I am?
Or am I what others think I am?
Am I different from all these?
Who is the real,

Written for Magpie tales



Poem26. LOVE Way.


         belief excessive
          in own ability ,unreal .
Broken  you will be
on the wheel,in the Hell.

Envy ,
        makes us desire
        other's status,abilities.
Will be put in water,
in the Hell,that freezes .

          to consume well,
          more than one requires .
Will be force-fed in the Hell,
rats,toads, and snakes.

Lust ,
          craving pleasures,thrills
          of the body inordinate.
Will be smothered,in hell
with fire and brimstone.

          spurns love
          opts instead for fury.
Dismembered alive,
in the Hell ,you will be.

         desire to deed,
          for material wealth. 
You will be boiled
in the Hell, in oil alive.

Sloth ,
          avoidance of work
          physical or spiritual .
You will be thrown lurk
into snake pits,in the Hell.

Seven sins,
          gets these punishments ,
          in the Hell ,sure for you.
So why you go that way,
choose the LOVE way to Heaven.

Written for Jingle's poetry potluck the prompt- seven sins.


Poem25. Envision


Envision,myself as a frog in the well,
the well of fears where I do yell.
Don't know,what pulls me back,
to the confines of my home track.
Confident not ,to move forward,
not sure, how to face a friend,
Tries to move the curtain still

how I don't know, but sure I will.
A coward,I don't want to be;
would like to be a valiant ji.

At times I feel like this ,then I tell myself these words............ 
Wonderful world awaits you,
Come,explore enjoy through.
Be ready to go out there, face
big world the real show place.
May be there ups and downs;
life worth living but it makes.
Keep aside your fears awhile,
be bold enough to face with smile.
Remove the curtain of  fears swirled,
perform on the stage real world.

Dear Shakespeare had said before
"Cowards die many times before their deaths;
The valiant never taste of death but once."

Written for Writer's Island prompt-Envision
and for Poet United's poetry pantry


Poem.24. Graph of Life in Beach

 Graph of Life in Beach

See above the footprints,
clear so in the beach sand,
One pair shows me there,
other belongs to dear God.

If  life reviewed ,from birth
as walk in the sand, the beach ,
the graph of life of  each ,
will be like this ,sure they match.

At times  see only one pair
then again find them there.
With and without company,
life moves on so cunningly.

Each second HE's with us
as a friend and our own guide.
At the face of troubles
HE lifts us in his hands. 

We are His so dear ones
HE  can't leave in troubles.
Only the best HE gives us,
and always stays with us.

Written for Jingle's Poetry Potluck 
and for Poet United's Poetry pantry


Poem23. If You love

If You Love

Where there is lack of love
you can hear complaints
Where there is full of love
you will have compliments.

If your love is not strong
you start finding wrongs.
if  you does not belong
arguments prolong.

Then starts complaints different
which you can not confront
so think of so many instants
which help your love fragrant.

Love makes life beautiful
Adjustments wont be painful
Complaints wont be hurtful
Life will sure be wonderful.

 For Poet's United's   The Thursday Think Tank - Prompt #18 - Complaints.


Poem22. Wisdom of Fallen Dears

Wisdom of Fallen Dears


"Look, how they laugh on us,"
sadly said the falling yellow leaves.
'' The green leaves think they wont fall,
so they laugh on us old ones ."
The fallen old black
ones smiled,
the yellows gently ,
lovingly and wisely.

"Oh! when we were green
even we laughed.
Now we know
how foolish we were.
Then ,our ancestors
fallen dears,
had smiled and said,
"Children, don't laugh ,
this is the cycle of life ,
today we but tomorrow you''.
At that time we didn't understand
what they told would be true one day.
A soft breeze were making us dance.
Thought we would always be  green young.
Never in our dreams did we think,
one day we would be fallen dears."

Magpie Tales  hosts a weekly writing prompt ,
 to write using the photo as our inspiration.
This is the photo for this week  Magpie Tales # 35.


Poem21. A try on microfiction

Microfiction Monday #51

This weeks picture prompt from Microfiction Monday at Stony River
The task: a tweetable 140 characters or fewer inspired by the picture below... 

 Dearie, hold me tight
Be ready for a ride on this winged horse(love)
Will take you to the heavens you wish to see.

Poem20. Journey of Life

Journey of Life

From where we came,where will go,
 simple,but yet difficult.
 mother's womb,we can say,
But 'the life' where'd you get?

Look up that banyan tree
 from where  it came do you know?
The seed, for sure you might say
then break the seed and show me.

If you search for it heartlily
 will  get the answer for surely.
Energy,call scientifically,
Dear God ,we say fondly.

Yes, the supreme energy God,
from there we came,there we go.
Life a journey to , from God;
yes, of course, from  to energy.

Written for Jingles poetry potluck