Poem 19. The Kingdom

The Kingdom

Who is the king
when the question was raised
' The brain'
came the instant reply .

Who is the queen
when again asked
'The heart'
then itself reply came.

Why you tell me the king is brain
B'cos it is the decision maker.
 how come heart the queens role
 only she can influence him.

The king and queen effectively rule
 kingdom "our body" with utmost care.
all other organs have strict duties
which they perform as warriors.

 King or Queen suffers wrong
 whole kingdom upside down.
Long live the King and Queen
Let them govern "The body" strong.

 Posted for Jingles Poetry  Potluck and Poet United's  The Poetry Pantry


Poem 18. Equation of love

Equation of Love 

their personalities
different egoes,even thoughts.
Where there is no need to talk,
understands the silence;
no seperate identity
just oneness
pure love.

and only here,
the equation one plus one
results in bigger one not two.
great magic of love,that's it my dear.

Written for Sunday Scribblings prompt 234 - Love

Entered for Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry

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Poem17. Cousin's visit.

Cousin's visit.

Wonder how they stand there still
Like big balls without any strings.
Doggie my dear ,come with me
We will go out ,see them well.

The 'Big bang'  I have heard
how Universe formed long back.
Standing on our dear mother Earth
thinking of  her relatives there.
On  relatives we might  find
creatures like us as cousins.
 In and out of  our Milky way
trying to contact in their way.

 A meeting of us strange cousins

distant galaxies different space

Will we be happy to see them
or will  fight to control this universe?

This poem for the prompt   Monday's Child #13

Poem 16. Dear Grandpa

Dear Grandpa

How I loved to hear you talk
experiances of your walk ,
you my idol. grandpa dear
how I wish, you were here.

You made my childhood bright
with great love your inward light.
 How gentle you  then were
Sweet grandpa miss you dear.

When others talk about you
I feel something in my eyes
May be, my love for you
comes out in the form of tears.

Why did you move away
leaving your child alone?
In my mind, be with me
guide me, on my way.

This poem was written for the prompt in Poets united's

Thursday Think Tank - Prompt #15


Poem15. Be my friend

  Be my friend

Robin my dear come to me,
Be my friend and talk to me.
Fly above here and there
Tell me all what you see.

Oh! Robin be my friend
I will give you all my food
Come to me once a while
Share with me what you see.

Cheerily carols,  you play,
Beautiful to hear my dear.
Will you sing for me one day
Blue egged Robin, be my dear.

written for Monday's Child for their prompt #10