Poem41.Was all these necessary?

Was all these necessary?

Splitting head
bleeding mind
clouded face
confused inert.
bleeding body
medicine heals
bleeding mind
how to heal?

mistakes might have done
views two different so.
tried to explain reason
never thought it so grave.

words harsh aimed at me
to hurt to core,in anger.
time subsided the temper

regret only remained then.

every action for each person
there sure is a definite reason.
be ready to hear them proper
don't assume and shower your anger.

now also remains a question
"Was all this necessary?".



Splitting head
bleeding mind
clouded face
confused inert.

bleeding body
medicine heals
bleeding mind
how to heal?----
Nice combination to express the multifaceted poignance.

Mary said...

Sounds like a very painful time!

eyeography said...

Nice work :)
Merry Christmas...
Hope you had a great time :)

Deborah said...

Written so well but this sounds a very hurtful experience, I do hope all is well x

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

best wishes for the day.

your writing is fabulous, keep it up.

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

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Rashmi said...

Thank you all for your comments..
Mary,Deborah ..thanks for your concern..everything is well.

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

very enjoyable word flow..

elegant piece.
Thanks for sharing with Poets Rally...

you accepted the award, marked you down as done. best wishes of 2011.

Someone is Special said...

painful one.. Here is mine, ! Wishes !

Happy Rally, Wish you a very Happy New Year 2011 !

--Someone is Special--

Tweety said...

loved the line bleeding mind how to hear...words let out in ager only leave regret..and with a question was all these necessary..

Anonymous said...

Goodness... that sure reminded me of a lot of pain. Very well put...

Olivia said...

Bleeding emotions..?
Certainly these could have been avoided.. but these always scar you first and then start making sense.. :(

Very well expressed Rashmi..
Wishing you a wonderful New Year!
Love n Hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

Vividly described! The last stanza serves as a sudden awakening.appy new year!

Vinay Leo R. said...

the secret to healing a bleeding mind is still a secret I guess. lovely poem, Rashmi :)

Why The Hesitation? My Rally Week 36 Poetry

Pamela said...

Intense poem!

Kavitha said...

Oh! dear.....i'm tooo late to read this beautifull expression of urs rashmi...( since i know the context... but cant help telling you , how beautifully expressed your emotions...)

Anonymous said...

it made images appear through my head as i read through the first two stanzas. it was also kind of...off for a while until the last line got into the mix and i thought...

was it really necessary?

I think i need to ponder on this some more. like if it's about war of some other personal conflict. nice read.


Sam said...

We should always listen first before we judge or react...Nice poem.

tuffi kaffa said...

lovely piece, well done, thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

no it is not! mine for this thursday- http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/02/14/hunger/

Anonymous said...

strong start and some nice word choices but a couple lines got a little wordy. Perhaps trying reading aloud to smooth those out. I know during my process...'kinks' in t the lines stick out when I read aloud.
Thanks for sharing

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

YEAH!, you win The Celebrate Poet of 2010 Award

Happy Sunday!
Come to our potluck tonight,

Theme: Journey and the road ahead.

The Unknowngnome said...

I hope you were not caught upon a thorn.

"views two different so" -a beautiful example of you stylish vocabulary.

To answer your question, I am sure that you would have preferred it not to be but as one of your early poems states, you wouldn't delete it.