Poem46. Believe me

 Believe me

Believe me if I say
I dont have any aim
believe me when I say
I dont have ambition.

Tried to think hard
atleast a small goal
but no I dont have
a wish to hang on thee.

Each day sun rise
as if to wake me up
do chores expected
as from wife mother.

Come the day to end
body will get tired
but mind still wander
where all, not clear.

No better tomorrows
nothing to expect more
each day pass by
without saying bye.

Night when I lay
awake in my bed
I do pray to Thee
let this be my last.

Written for Jingle's POETRY POTLUCK - Aims, Goals, and Ambitions...


Deborah said...

This is such an emotive, sad and poignant poem ... I do hope it is 'just' a poem?

bendedspoon said...

too tired to dream for a dream that never gets tired. Your thoughtful poem says so much.

Rashmi said...

Thank you Deborah for your comment..
This is what came to my mind when I saw the prompt..

Jingle said...

we do,
believe in you.



lynnaima said...

I feel this one...neither do I. I wake up do the man's bidding, do my children's bidding and sleep and back again, goal-less, aim-less and no ambition whatsoever... I JUST AM...EXISTING.

Thanks for writing this piece for me. Happy potluck!


Deborah said...

A very strong poem Rashmi, it certainly did get me thinking which is what a good poem does, well done! :o)

stillfugue.com said...

This is powerful. Sometimes writing exposes my dreams and then I get to latch on to them. Thank you for sharing.

Tarang said...

I also hope that it's just a poem and you played with beautiful lines according to the prompt. I think every day is a new beginning. Isn't it?

fiveloaf said...

i love this- it has character and i like the choice of words rashmi.. here's mine if you have not read~ http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/03/12/broken-home/

1meremortal said...

Deep sentiments that touch the heart.

dennis said...

that was like a razor-sharp, granite edge...cut right through the frivolous. Thoroughly honest.

I have felt/experienced exactly what you express here. Can be rough times.

wow...thanks. gonna be thinking about this one all night now.

Daffodil said...

After one month's silence..here u come with a grand one, Rashmi... lines are superb...( eventhough it touches the heart with a tint of sadness.)

I do like to believe that u had written this only for the prompt..

Jaan Pehchaan said...

Awake in bed, pray to thee, thank you for today, but show the way for a better tomorrow.