Poem82. Timeworn Memories

Timeworn Memories

Being back in teens
fresh natural feelings
no high standard to meet
do what I wish to do.

All those days long back
comes back fresh on mind
not  only remembering
but feels  like re-living.

My hand just goes up
as if to catch the moment
to stop the time forever
to feel that, so precious.

Never had I thought
all was stored inside,
until it got re-winded
the timeworn memories.

Last minute what I did
difficult to remember
but silly, can visualize
all those with open eyes.

So happy but so sad
time had gone away
Yes,taken its toll on me
just a fading flower.

Written for the Poet United's Thursday Think Tank prompt 'Timeworn'.


Daydreamertoo said...

Our prob;ems as children or even teens, always seem so enormous to us, and yet, once we're adults and then take on so much more responsibility for our lives, we then realise how good life was before... LOL
Lovely poem!

Mary said...

When we look back at the past sometime, we realize how good it was and we miss those old days. Your poem definitely captures that idea!

Laura Maria said...

That's the thing about memories, they stay inside of you which can be good or bad. I hope you're not too timeworn.

Ella said...

I know I have so many memories dancing in my head. I think it makes me sad...I miss the people and the moments! I am happy I remember, it keeps them alive!
I hope your timeworn moments help you relive the warm, fuzzy memories!

You did capture the feeling of looking back! Well Done :D

Melissa Bickel said...

That is the thing about getting older, we have all those memories to look back on, some more timeworn than others :), but they are ours.

I enjoyed reading your take on this prompt.

Susie Clevenger said...

Memories, we have the good and the bad recorded within us. Sometimes we go back in our minds to yesterday and relive it. You captured timeworn well.

SaraV said...

enjoyed this poem especially the line, my hand just goes up as if to catch the moment, to stop the time forever, to feel that so precious" a wonderful image :-)

rch said...

Yes we all miss those days once we realize how special they truly were, very good.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Poignant and nostalgic.......I feel the same way, looking back. Who knew those days would one day seem so precious?