Poem84.The Escapade

The Escapade

I was going through
blue water - a lagoon, 
in a small boat, row
just me and me alone.

Singing happily aloud
was going, going forward,
not bothered about
what will happen,happened.

The water was so calm
and me at so peace
enjoying the palm
of nature with wide eyes.

Heard from distance my name
repeated again and again
looked up with a strain
to see my son near me.

Can't believe it was dream
the escapade seemed so real
the beauty,peace and calm
relaxed my nerves,can feel.

This poem is written for dverse MeetingTheBar: Beautiful Solitude
where the prompt is to just capture a bit of solitude in a poem.


Brian Miller said...

ack, just a dream....i was enjoying the peace of it...and now want to go back to bed to see if i can recapture it a bit...smiles.

Mary said...

Sometimes dreams can be so refreshing, can't they? The solitude in this poem is very refreshing.

Sabio Lantz said...

My solitude escape was by boat too. Yours was a dream -- they can be as real as actual paddling!
Nicely done.

Claudia said...

a lagoon...blue water..little boat...so wonderfully peaceful..sad it was just a dream but then..you can always re-dream it, that's the good thing...smiles

Anonymous said...

the lovely dream...:)

Anonymous said...

"enjoying the palm
of nature with wide eyes"
loved this.

i don't want to wake up either... so beautiful

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Oh, that's lovely! You conveyed the mood beautifully.

Mary said...

Visiting once again from Poets United. And what a beautiful dream it was indeed! Love this poem.

rch said...

Really well done, the peacefulness is wonderfully portrayed.