Remnants for you,
but a treasure for me,
remembrance of gone days.

 childhood spent around Grandpa
  the star of my small eyes.
 red sofa, his favorite spot .

Sitting there so majestic
used to tell mighty stories,
and reading was a craze.

With broad outlook, clever so calm
never heard shouting but was strong
                                                         ready solutions just in hand.

That were days so filled with joy,
 love, affection there in air,
he, so proud  to be my gpa.

Now also when I go there
hear him talking as before,
Hallucination might be, but for me just real.

It is written for The Mag145  where we have to write on a photo prompt.


Anonymous said...

Nice look back. Captures a mood.

Gail said...

This art has raised many memories to our fingers.

You wrote it well.

DCW said...

I would like to be that type of Grandpa.

Linda said...

Your poem is so vividly real and softly touching, Rashmi. Thank you for sharing your memories here. I love your writing! =D

P.S. Gail's words are profound here. Brilliant.

Laurie Kolp said...

Sweet memories...

Kelvin S.M. said...

..memories of those days that still volumes today... You write here of your grandpa... And mine's in memory of my grandma... I guess, we're one when we saw the prompt image this week... Great write.

Carrie Burtt said...

A beautiful remembrance Rashmi!

Wayne Pitchko said...

thanks for sharing this....nicely done

Tess Kincaid said...

Charming...I so miss my dear grandpa...

Kim Nelson said...

Memories are stronger than hallucinations, breaking through the senses in a way that comforts and reassures. This poem speaks of that wonder.

Mary said...

It is wonderful to take in those memories.....wherever they come from. A beautiful write.