Poem3. For my sake ...............

For my sake
Small kids, circle parents,
dump them when they grew.
People who were beloved once,
mere burden,in their view.

Wonder why so drastic change,
once so dear now burden?
We say not expect return,
but are human, no saints.

Today  she, tomorrow me,
all of us will be someday.
Pray! Help me ,Oh my God,
Help me to, not depend.

Make her happy for my sake,
I can't help her but you can .
Oh! My Lord please help her,
To be happy and relaxed.


Daffodil said...

Really a touching one...which can make everyone realise the truth of life..

JOE said...

Dont worry, it's natures law. Love flows like a river ...

The Unknowngnome said...

A powerful prayer that will not go unheard.