Poem6. Naughty Appu

Naughty Appu

 ‘Ding dong‘ rang the front bell,
Appu was alert.
Should I take a look or not
Flashed his mind a sec.

Then he thought against it,
And went under the cot,
Without a sound he lay there
Lazy and relaxed.

“Appu, Appu go to cage”,
Called out my daddy.
Without a sound he reclined,
 As if he didn’t hear.

Appu Appu where are you?
Search for him went on.
Sales man went off angry
Waiting for so long.

We can’t open door before,
Putting him in cage.
Appu, my dear naughty dog,
Crazy, he may bite.

Cage he hate and love to roam,
My home his dear world
Obey he wont, fears a stick,
Wants to be near us.

When I call him comes slowly,
As if why you call.
When I caress wags his tail,
And lay down at my feet.  

A poem about my pet  Appu......

1 comment:

Deborah said...

Aaww ... what a lovely poem about Appu, I can just see him!
thanks everso for popping by :o)