Poem 16. Dear Grandpa

Dear Grandpa

How I loved to hear you talk
experiances of your walk ,
you my idol. grandpa dear
how I wish, you were here.

You made my childhood bright
with great love your inward light.
 How gentle you  then were
Sweet grandpa miss you dear.

When others talk about you
I feel something in my eyes
May be, my love for you
comes out in the form of tears.

Why did you move away
leaving your child alone?
In my mind, be with me
guide me, on my way.

This poem was written for the prompt in Poets united's

Thursday Think Tank - Prompt #15


Deborah said...

Oh this is such a lovely poem, and a wonderful tribute too to a much loved Grandpa ... just lovely :o)

Judy Roney said...

This is so poignant and a wonderful tribute to your beloved Grandpa. I'm glad you can feel that he is still with you as long as you remember.

Dasuntoucha said...

Your words definitely have me missing my Grandpa...felt.

हेमंत कुमार ♠ Hemant Kumar said...

Why did you move awayleaving your child alone. in my mind be with meguide me as long as I live.

it's really very emotional poetry ---our olders are our real welth .They always guide us and live with us.

Jingle said...

very cute...

Jingle said...


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Mary said...

I am just now looking at this poem. It is a beautiful and thoughtful poem! I neve knew any of my grandpas. I always wished I did.