Poem15. Be my friend

  Be my friend

Robin my dear come to me,
Be my friend and talk to me.
Fly above here and there
Tell me all what you see.

Oh! Robin be my friend
I will give you all my food
Come to me once a while
Share with me what you see.

Cheerily carols,  you play,
Beautiful to hear my dear.
Will you sing for me one day
Blue egged Robin, be my dear.

written for Monday's Child for their prompt #10 


Jingle said...

what a lovely invitation!
well written poem!

signed...bkm said...

how sweet to call to the robin to be your friend, i love the last line - the blue egged robin. lovely...thank you so much for joining us....bkm

Kavitha said...

Here you came up with a sweet one, Rashmi

Rinkly Rimes said...

A poem for adults to enjoy and for children to recite.