Poem26. LOVE Way.


         belief excessive
          in own ability ,unreal .
Broken  you will be
on the wheel,in the Hell.

Envy ,
        makes us desire
        other's status,abilities.
Will be put in water,
in the Hell,that freezes .

          to consume well,
          more than one requires .
Will be force-fed in the Hell,
rats,toads, and snakes.

Lust ,
          craving pleasures,thrills
          of the body inordinate.
Will be smothered,in hell
with fire and brimstone.

          spurns love
          opts instead for fury.
Dismembered alive,
in the Hell ,you will be.

         desire to deed,
          for material wealth. 
You will be boiled
in the Hell, in oil alive.

Sloth ,
          avoidance of work
          physical or spiritual .
You will be thrown lurk
into snake pits,in the Hell.

Seven sins,
          gets these punishments ,
          in the Hell ,sure for you.
So why you go that way,
choose the LOVE way to Heaven.

Written for Jingle's poetry potluck the prompt- seven sins.


Olivia said...

Hey Rashmi,
It seems we all were Sloth stricken this week- Me included.. LOLsss

Jokes apart, one "hell" of a perspective have you given my girlie here.. Oh so sinfully hellish!! I am glad you linked- I would have missed such a poetic treat elsewise.. :)

Gosh- gluttony- is all I can say- I have been enjoying these deadly sinfully written poetry's as if for My Life.. very well done.. :)

Loads of Love Dear- xox


Deborah said...

The Love Way sounds the only to me, well written Rashmi :o)

Jingle said...

what a creative and beautiful highlight of 7 sins.
Thanks a lot for sharing!

fiveloaf said...

sounds to me like judgement day !

Jingle said...

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let me know when you are ready.
Thanks a lot.

starkaat said...

Wow, pretty intense.

Jingle said...


award notice,

work on the Rally if you can, let me know after you are done.

Jingle said...


how are you?
please vote when you have a moment,

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