Poem 35.The Chakra of Life

   The Chakra of Life

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I just changed the dress of my blog,
as someone told me that is old.
Tried to dress her as per log,
beautiful it came out from  mold.

Didn't change any contents old,
everything was  the same dear ones.
By changing only the outer layout ,
the blog emerged fresh at once.

Got struck with thought suddenly,
is this same as the chakra of life?
Samsara chakra, the theory of life,
explained in hindu mythology .

When we die nothing changes,
the karmas of life wears another dress,
takes new human form and continues.
Seems new born for us, but old karmas.

Why some has pain even though good,
why the bad reaps good, this explains.
The karmas which are carried forward,
determines what and how our lives.

Thank you Jingle for giving these beautiful awards..I am very happy to have all these  and all the appreciation..


Jingle said...

Thanks for displaying the awards.
beautiful poem to go with it..

Jingle Poetry said...


Dear poet, welcome join Jingle Poetry Potluck…
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We value your contribution and cherish your talent!
Hope to see you soon,

Sumit Sarkar said...

Nice...a new layout for the blog and our soul... :)