Poem33.Perfect Family

 Perfect  Family

When  hear of family,
thinks of  Sun and Earth.
Sun the husband star,
Earth his loving wiife.

Burns himself alive
 provide energy for dears.
His way of running ,
a family so beloved.

Earth revolves him round ,
center of her life.
not bothered about
day or night or time.

Moon the child rotates,
the mother  he adores.
By doing so he rounds,
the Sun,his father too.

Sun ,earth ,the moon,
a closeknit  supermodel ,
an ideal small clear,
perfect great family .
Written for Poet's United's The Thursday Think Tank - #23 with prompt Family


Deborah said...

What a wonderful and original way to describe a perfect family, I love this, so well done!

Sumit Sarkar said...

I love this...
The Sun, the moon....
A family...
Nice :)

ninotaziz said...

Superb take on the prompt. Ingenious.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

What an inspired take on the prompt! Really original. I love the idea of the sun as the husband and earth as his devoted wife. Beautiful!

Jingle said...

what a perfect entry,
love your idea of family.

Old Ollie said...

interesting and original

Mary said...

Oh, I really like the way you have looked at family here. Sun, earth, and moon. What a perfect family indeed!

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

A very different and interesting idea of family and the interaction between them.

An excellent poem....
Eileen :)

Judy Roney said...

How neat to think of the Sun, Earth and the moon(s) as metaphor for family. I will be thinking about this now and will read it again. :)

Anonymous said...

Complexity imitates complexity, excellent work.

Jingle said...


Special awards for you. Happy Sunday! xx
Hope to see you at our potluck tonight.

Jingle Poetry said...

a very beautiful take on a wonderful family :)

do drop by at Jingle Poetry, where your blog is the feature in our Tuesday Reviews segment :)

Hope said...

yes, i can relate to looking at family this way.

beautifully written words!

I'm glad i found you on Jingle
thank you


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful poem, Rashmi..I love the idea of a family being in harmony, like the Universe! A lovely notion...:)

jingle said...

I would love to have you in poets rally week 33.
let me know by leaving a link under my post.
Thanks a ton.
You are quite productive.
beautiful poem!

Anonymous said...

The cosmos as family :)
Nice work!
Happy Potluck!

dan roberson said...

Link by link the family is built, influencig each other in special ways. The solar system, the universe, the cosmos all working in sync. Thank you for this delightful poem.

Anonymous said...

this is absolutely a lovely piece. i never looked at the nuclei family the way you do. good observation sumit!

Shashi said...

Dear Rashmi

I enjoyed reading this one.. Thanks for sharing..

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

bendedspoon said...

Interesting analogy! :)

Anonymous said...

oh wooooow! amazingly clever analogy! great job :D

Jingle said...

That's great entry for the week..