Poem44.Live in Present

Live in Present

Leaning on an elbow
peering out a window.
View the road nearby
morning flying by.
People moving,
vehicles going
children running
horns are sounding

Busy on their own walks
each of them  in journey ahead
what they do,where they go
who knows, who cares.

Want for a bright future
forgets to live todays.
we run,work , gain fortune,
but health deteriorates.

Thriving for better lives
makes us run very fast.
What happens if we decides
sure,do live in present.

Death a dangling  blade
hangs on each one's head
Better for us live today,
tomorrows who can say .

Entered for Jingle's Poetry Potluck -Journey and the Road Ahead!!!!!

Thank you Jingle for honouring me with this...I really appreciate and this gives more confidence for me to go forward...         


Deborah said...

Wonderful sentiments and so very true, well written Rashmi!

Harshika said...

very sweet poem :)

like ur thinking :d

Jingle said...

vivid capture of people and how they live life's journey...

well deserved award.
Thanks for sharing...


Nanka said...

Beautiful and as you stand to watch you see life racing ahead, lovely picture painted with your words.

ina said...

We should live in the now, good point, well written :)

fiveloaf said...

great write.. here’s mine for this new year potluck.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/03/15/life/

musingbymoonlight.com said...

Wonderful poem and wise one too, Rashmi, and congratulations on your award.

Jingle Poetry said...

Thanks for the lovely participation, Happy Tuesday!

Potluck Week 17 Treat/Awards 4 You, Enjoy!

musingbymoonlight.com said...

A lovely poem, Rashmi, wise and true.

Thank you!

Daffodil said...

Very good thought..we often forget about the realty.. and the truth..

Congrads dear..for the award!

kavisionz said...

This is good stuff, Rashmi.. You have very nicely stated the ways we handle life..
LOVED the end! That's the attitude to live with anyway...
Keep writing, my friend..

Linn said...

A great reminder for every one of us not to forget to live in the present! Thanks for sharing :)


very picture of life u have painted in words.

Stafford Ray said...

It always is a balancing act isn't it! In this poem you are trying to stay in the present, "where they go who knows who cares', yet in your magpie, you stress the importance of a foundation forged in one's youth! So where does that leave you? Read the map, but enjoy the journey, I guess.