Being within home for long
effected me more than I thought
was never aware until recent
when the family tree gathered.

A blow so strong it was
deep down struck so hard.
disturbed I feel in group
worries,will do some blunder .

But for that day I knew
somewhere something wrong
if in this shell any long
will go mad, thought rang .

A healthy person ,yes I am,
no visits ,seldom visitors .
Family see, morning evening,
they always move out and in .

Shell of my own creation,
tortoise with me if competition
who will put their head out more?
ha, dear turtle will win the race.

A parrot in a golden cage ,
with mineral water,packet foods,
both of us bothers not
what happens outside confines.

Hesitation to go out mingle
excuses a lot we have.
Man as social animal
why oh! God you created?


Deborah said...

You've used some wonderful metaphors here and I can really relate to this poem as I'm sure many could ... so very well written Rashmi.

Anonymous said...

Well expressed thoughts... words -as if flowing from core of heart..

Old Ollie said...

Beautiful words.

Jingle said...

why hesitate?

you will do fine mingling...

lovely expressed emotions...
Happy Saturday.

Ellen aka Ella said...

I loved the emotional pull of your poem! I can relate to the turtle moments, too~ Really lovely!

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

Very nice words, of personal introspection.

Best wishes, Eileen

thingy said...

Oh, this I know, too.


fiveloaf said...

love this. and especially to the words you chose. very nice! here’s my new year potluck- http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/03/15/life/

Nanka said...

Heartfelt emotions and so true too. You only have to cross this hurdle of hesitation once to journey merrily onto the other side.

musingbymoonlight.com said...

Beautifully written poem of introspection: turtle such a good metaphor for that. And I hope the poem was healing. So many will relate to this.

Thanks! Job well don.

Happy Potluck...

Jingle said...

beautiful piece.
Thanks for entering poets rally...

Sam373 said...

I like this a lot! I will read more.

sam373 said...

I like this a lot! I will read more.

madhumakhi said...

I like this poem because even I can relate to this feeling of not being able to relate to others. We all live in shells and gradually we come to hate the confinement that we ourselves have created.

liv2write2day said...

I can so relate to this. Especially the turtle metaphor. At times it's so disconcerting to come out of that shell.

Jingle said...

the Perfect Poet Award Notice, Enjoy! Leave your acceptance link under the post after you take it, Thanks!

let me know after you made 18 comments.

Leo said...

it doesn't hurt to mingle :) depends on the "who" u r mingling with :D

nice one Rashmi :)

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Jingle said...

Happy Tuesday, return favor to those poets who are here yet you did not reach them initially…
I am saying these to all poets, hope that you take it rationally…
thanks for the support.

amritaghosh said...

some strong sentiments, rashmi...glad you got your hesitation out, at least on paper :-)