Poem48.Not Happy

 Not Happy 

I am not perfect
and I know you are not
then, why perfection you expect
from me I wonder.

Not happy on me
and my due performance
how can I work, the way in your mind?

The way of thinking different
way of doing contrast
I can only try, to do it your way.

I have tried so hard
now too on the road
but whatever I do
you are not happy.


Deborah said...

I came back for a second read and noticed my comment wasn't here, maybe I didn't fill in the word verification properly? I'll leave another just in case ... :o)

This is such a good poem Rashmi, again you manage to tap into how people feel, so well done!

Olivia said...

I guess you need to be happy at all times- so anyone who isn't happy with you even after your hard work- should be left alone at that- just how I would have dealt with it.

It really isn't easy then again, it's our life, we need to live it for ourselves too..

Smile baby..

Hugs xxx