Poem49. To Be Free

To  Be Free

A parrot in the sky
flies this way that way
in pursuit of food
for herself for child
she goes out wander,
not thinking of hunter.

Another in the golden cage,
walks inside as in rage,
trainer has trained to talk
some easy words during walk
imported food, mineral water
gives with love, the owner dear.

Give the bird a choice of these
we know which she will choose.
Sure the first where she can be
her own master happy  free.
To be free , be ourselves
we do wish but seldom can.
Entered for Thursdays Poets’ Rally week 38


Deborah said...

'A parrot in the golden cage,
walks inside as in rage' ... so good Rashmi, your poems have such depth of feeling within them, well done.

Jaan Pehchaan said...

I choose the parrot in the sky any day, and so would the parrot!

Here is mine, on similar lines:

ocdbloggergirl said...

Wonderful poem and also mirrors the human condition. I hate seeing caged birds usually.

Jingle said...

beautiful one...


Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

welcome to poets rally week 38.

see you tomorrow.

tattytiara said...

So very, very true.

harivarasanam said...

simple and true
profound thoughts ,
expressed anew.

verseforthecynical said...

This very much reminded me of Maya Angelou's poem, "I know why the caged bird sings".
Very liberating! Thanks for sharing :)

Celestial Dreamz said...

oh so very true! 'freedom' is a catch word for me and my life, so loved it even more.

Jingle said...

the imagery is vivid and entertaining....
Thanks for joining poets rally.

Have fun!

Iwrite4u said...

That was a beautiful poem.Liked it!

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said...

Thanks for stopping by my Tingtasy.. :)

Well, 'To Be Free' is written in contrast of both, one that's out and one that's in.. Nicely done, I have to say, especially, on two different takes.. :)

I like this and it sure leave me a deep impression.. :)

Once again, thanks for stopping by and well, I replied your comment left in post too.. :)

Rachel Hoyt said...

Beautiful poem! I love the depth and hate seeing birds in cages. They are meant to fly free!!

iambeingme said...

Wonderful Poem.. Loved it !

fiveloaf said...

yes this is perfect haha- love it! in case you have not been, here's my week 38 haha! http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/09/30/i-cant-hold-it/

thingy said...

A lovely and sad poem.

DuDo said...

loved the poem... the way it talks about two sides of one life... Our life is the same... Its our decision to choose one of the best way from the given choices...

Keep blogging

Here is one of my scribbling….

Chrissy said...

yes freedom is priceless! Nice job!

rkgaron said...

Can the dreamer ever escape the dream?
Very thought provocating.