Poem51.Out Of Necessity?

Out  Of Necessity?

Whom I love most - wonder..
have wondered all my life..
In childhood innocence -thought
that mother, i love most...
Then when married -realized
no, husband-I love most.

Then came children mine
the preference changed fine.

But now when look back
doubts , me or  mean?

Each of us do love
or think that do love fly
just  for our own sake,
love, out of necessity?

Entering for the Jingle's Poetry potluck .


Deborah said...

'love out of necessity?' This is such a thought provoking poem, and does just that ... leaves you thinking! Very good Rashmi.


Very Love realistictic. Even love gets punctuated by changing situation.

Anonymous said...

nice blog and very calming.. love your take on love rashmi! my potluck's here: http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/06/04/metamorphosis/

Anonymous said...

I liked this one a lot too (as well as your Sun, Earth and Moon one). I think it's a really unique way to look at love! Really makes us wonder about it...

Anonymous said...

Ah, so true...I've always flip-flopped on who I love most, or think I love most. Absolutely agree that love comprises an element of need/selfishness.

Jingle said...



Anonymous said...

Agree. Many times love is more self centered than selfless!
Well written!

Anonymous said...

A very astute write!

Old Ollie said...

You explore the topic so well.

Andy said...

Great take on the prompt.

Elizabeth said...

Ahh, something we all wonder about at some point in our lives. And I agree with that one who asked is love selfish or selfless. Maybe that is the reason for the wondering.


Lynette Killam said...

The need to give love and to seek it in return remains one of life's mysteries as it changes form often over the years. This poem expresses that complexity so well...:)

Imagination Lane

Sulthana said...

A very realistic take on the various forms of love :)