Poem52.A Puzzle

  A Puzzle

What,you expect from life?
the question reverberate
tried to avoid it safe
but no ,can't escape .

the basic necessities
or the comforts
is it peace of mind
or the love you want.

confusion rises high
can't decide what
everything seem necessary
as a mixture it seems

each of these are like
pieces of a puzzle
place it in exact
the picture, then complete .

Will the life be worthwhile
if some of them you don't have
Success life is a combination
of comforts,peace and love.

Written for  Magpietales where picture is given as prompt.



Of course man has to order the things acccording to priority.

Deborah said...

Another wonderful poem Rashmi :o)

gautami tripathy said...

Good one!

scattered with the wind

Tess Kincaid said...

Very nice!

kenny said...

This is super...very nice indeed. Putting together pieces of a successful life.

Susannah said...

Lovely Magpie Rashmi. :-)

Kavita said...

Oh yes...very well said, Rashmi...
It's like Maslow's hierarchy of needs... first the basic necessities, then the luxuries, and then above all, peace of mind...

I guess if we put it all in order, life will begin to make sense... (or so we hope :))

I really liked your magpie, R..

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

flying thoughts, love the imagery.

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