I know what you do
and you know what I do
but I don't know why I do
not bothered about my actions.

My actions flows like river
flow is its habit,
so not worried about
just do,do and do.

But I would like to know
what you think now
why you did and how
bothers much as now.

why cant I take it as mine
why don't I think it had flowed
why that anxiousness to assess
why that urge to go ahead ..

Is this human nature
or struggle for survival
but on the run are we
forgetting the values?

Ownership of actions
we  all doubt to take
tries to blame others
when our action goes wrong.

 I would like to thank Jingle  for giving me the award and also  all the fellow poets who had voted for me for this wonderful award....
Thanks to all of you who have read and commented me ...your comments gives the confidence to write...your visiting and commenting is like the water and fertilizer for me...without that I would never have survived......Thank you again for the encouragement.


lunawitch15 said...

I really like your poem.

Deborah said...

Another 'human' poem that explores how we all are, insightful and a pleasure to read as always Rashmi ... well done on your award! :o)

bendedspoon said...

Great poem! Accountability is one of the best values...Congratulations!

fiveloaf said...

love the poem and the cute penguiny hehe.. congrats on the award! my wk 39 is here.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2009/11/17/regret/

Buddha3074 said...

It is always better to be responsible for one's actions. Lies just bring a foulness that may bite one in the butt eventually! Good poem!

Jingle said...

love it.

well deserved award.
Happy Rally.

BabyKeyia said...

I like it!! People really need to start taking responsibility for their actions :D

NcMerci said...

You're speaking the truth

iambeingme said...

Loved the Poem... Accountability is best human value.. :-)
thanks for reading mine too.

Kavitha said...

Congrads rashmi dear..

scentofmyheart said...

More people should think like you do, taking responsibilities after our own actions might make the world a better place to live. I enjoyed reading this, thanks for linking with Rally. Congrats on the award, well deserved!

Chim's World of Literature said...

taking ownership...it cud be just about any part of ur life, fr ur actions, for things that uve done in past and present..taking ownership for what u believe in ...this was a great write...

tOuCh said...

good poem taking ownership

mihirvatsa said...

Meaningful and real. Good work. :)

mstevensson said...

Really enjoyed this. Accountability is an important question.

J. D. Hughes said...

Great poem and great overall blog.

I like the struggling inherent to the acceptance of ones own deeds and the conflict of the unempathetic other.

Keep writing!

Let me know what you think of my recent Jingle submission if your feeling like letters:


J. D. Hughes

Gaurang Rao said...

Great words

Leo said...

oh at times, I don't know why I do what I do too, Rashmi.. nicely expressed :)

abthomas said...

Fantastic and astute write on the human affection for not taking what they should as their own

Olivia said...

That we have evolved from animals; the theory is becoming profound. Polygamous nature, irresponsibility, competition.. violence, un-necessary feuds..

Very well written Rashmi!
Hugs xx

mairmusic said...

The images jar, creating a dialogue-- nicely done!

Reggie said...

I really like this...a good read.

Congrats on your award!!

dropsofanguish said...

Really feel a deep sense of obsession in this piece.

Nicely portrayed.

Keep it up!

sillyfrogsusan said...

A question I have pondered often! Well said!