Poem63.Plight Of The Fly

Plight Of The Fly

"Help","help" cried out the fly
from the cob web that was so high
oh! dears,please help me here
let me live, a little more.

Bee went by, cockroach passed
other dear ones also roamed
but, nobody helped not even tried
to help the poor, their dear friend.

fly thought- may be they didn't hear
so tried out a little more louder
he didn't think that even for wife
nobody will risk their own life.

For others who saw this plight
thought the spider got his prey.
Spider was happy was getting ready
to have a wonderful good breakfast.

But poor this fly was going through
that bridge between life and death.
Realised now that nobody will help
turned to God,with a cry like yelp.

At that moment the lady of the house
thought of removing the cobwebs,
took a long brush swiped the web
it was broken,the fly fell down.

came down hanging on a piece of web
reached the soft sofa safely,
removed the small portions happily
rested and flew away as a deb.

Again he was free, thanks to God
for hearing his prayers....
When our prayers are answered
we call God 'a dear' otherwise deaf.

Is this right?


marantha jenelle said...

I really liked this. It made a very valid point...we never seem to even acknowledge God unless we are in trouble.

And it is much the same with our fellow life travelers, we never seem to truly appreciate them until we are in a time of need ourselves, and yet we will walk by with head turned away when they are in need.

What if God treated us as we do Him?

Just a little something to think about.

marantha jenelle

Deborah said...

What a wonderful poem, both about the 'poor fly' and about ours and others nature. So many perspectives and insights within it. Very cleverly written Rashmi and a joy to read! :o)

The Unknowngnome said...

No, it is not right.

"he didn't think that even for wife nobody will risk their own life" hmmm....

Anonymous said...

Link with me?


great stuff!

thingy said...

The thing about asking for help... the fly may have lived, but what about the spider?

Is he not a gift, too?

Anonymous said...

wrong! haha- thats my opinion. nice to see you here on the clambake. mines here: http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2011/02/20/pease-pudding-hot/

Jingle said...

great one.

Celestial Dreamz said...

brilliant piece ...

bendedspoon said...

wonderful! human plight :)

Anonymous said...

A funny parable, but with truth in its lines.

Jingle said...


welcome to poets rally..

Butterflies of time said...

Fly or spider whom should we support?- a nice dilemma presented well in this interesting story poem.

kez said...

enchanting and also questioning ..I like that a lot ..thank you !

Alethea said...

How lovely. God is always there to help us...we just need to reach for His hand. Beautifully written., thank you for the wonderful piece :)

Purvi said...

Wow! What a poem.. the muse has been used so cleverly to depict God's omnipresence in our lives.. Thanks for sharing. :) I am from ~

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem, glad the little fly was saved!

Jesse.s.mitchell said...

cool work, I dig this.

Anonymous said...

I still think this is great stuff!

I just wanted to thank you for sharing this one my site, and to let you know that week two is open if you are interested.

Awesome work!

Mia said...

I went ahead and posted results for week one a few hours early.



Chim's World of Literature said...

this was really good....it sounded like childrens story..mb u sud try..and create sumtin out of it.

thanks for stopping by my blog...

Vinay said...

good thoughts, Rashmi! yes, and its true; if God hears us, he's all wonderful and if not, it's "Oh God, why you gave me this life?" its unfair, but sometimes part of life that we can't handle!

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