Poem64.Going with the wind

Going with the wind

Going with the wind
without struggling
moving to south north
so weightless high flying..

Wind storms or breeze
adjusting to their speed
never tried against,
so much loyal or weak?

Roaming so wide  far
through jungles and desserts
cities ,towns ,villages
have seen many types of lifes .

Then why that smile not light
my face ,like a full  moon.
Why not I can spread
happiness on move?


thingy said...

Sad thoughts.

May the sun shine brightly on your face.

Butterflies of time said...

Lovely depiction of the life journey and the lines are embedded with a tinge of sadness too I feel.
A spell -check too is recommended to bring out more beauty here.
Thanks for dropping by my place.Will be back to read more--I loved the spider -fly poem a lot!

Vinay said...

It's a question I ask myself too as I go where life takes me. but for every smile that reflects the one on my face, I find very much that happiness and the happiness becoming more :)

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bendedspoon said...

I learned that when my eyes smile together with my lips, happiness can't resist not to stop by. Cheers on your wonderful poem :)

Kim Nelson said...

Why not, indeed? Perhaps we all need a bit of a chosen path...


Paulami said...

may you have all the best in life.. and you find happiness in the most unexpected places :)

liked it

Jingle said...

love the nature in your words.
apt and lovely job.

fiveloaf said...

wonderful nature write.. my thursday post : http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/06/20/me-before-us/

Deborah said...

Going with the wind... and life, wonderfully written Rashmi.

Jay said...

Maybe you should try flying against the wind for a change,see how that would feel Just a thought :)

kez said...

lovely poem ..its always the journey that's the important part of life ..thank you

lonelyrecluse said...

The thought of moving and freedom envisioned in this poem really strike accord with my roamer's soul. A truly enjoyable poem.
The Lonely Recluse.

Emily said...

lovely imagery.

Foxy said...

Nice...even though it is sad.