Poem65.A 'Coma' In Life.

A 'Coma' In  Life.

Looking out through eyes,
hearing all with ears,
smelling with the nose
skin the touching sense..

Why and why they stop
really stop their step
when happens the 'death'
phenomena of earth.

implanted if immediate
why do they resume
transplantation we call
but rebirth so magical.

The "I"  when out peeping
through lenses natural
that feeling of seeing
just happens to the mortal..

This body, a rented home
changing on its own
when "I" think of transfer
'the end' ,we do loud yell .

Death ,not a full stop
just, a 'coma' in  life.
Wonder, when fullstop
how and what that  be..

Thanks for honouring me  with the Perfect poet award for Thursday Poet's Rally week 44...
I am nominating  Olivia for the same next week.
Thank you Jingle and all out there who  works for jingle poetry....
Also all the people who read my blog and leave comments---dears you are my motivation to go ahead...
Thanks to all of you...................


Deborah said...

A 'coma' ...what a wonderful analogy, a thought provoking poem as usual Rashmi, well done!

Tarang said...

Thoughtful piece of writing.

Jingle said...

Looking out through eyes,
hearing out through ears,
smelling with the nose
skin the touching sense..

love the word flow......Fantastic entry.


Nilofer said...

Great poem. Awesome blog. Please do visit my blog and leave your footprints behind by posting comments:-



Jingle said...

very well penned ..

Thanks for the award acceptance and more.



Your words used are powerful and concise :) Lovely poem for a lovely poet.


Such a striking and powerful poem :) A++

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your award, well-deserved =) Just depth and power in your words. I agree with Deborah great analogy

PremI said...

Deed and thought provoking...
Amazing write,Rashmi.

Andy said...

Thought-provoking indeed.

Congratulations on your award!

Anonymous said...

Simply impressive ..
I like the how the emotions flows throughout the poetry
Here's mine poetry work ..


Cindy eksuzian said...

Rashmi, This is really an incredible content! I love that you question death as finite (fullstop) and then describe your wonderings in the beauty of going on.... for we go on in spirit and I think we want to believe this. YOu have presented this eloquently and deeply. Thank you.

the critics said...


the critics said...