Walking in my home
as if in the moon
floating here and there
am I touching  ground?

Not well for some time
makes you to be like
a virus infected  pc
works upside down.

You go to take a pen
bring back a rubber
sure the question arise
' are you mad or not'.

The world is moving fast
 hard to get along
Pray to God to run
antivirus  clean.


Deborah said...

Pray to God to run a good antivirus on me and clean ... such a good analogy Rashmi, I know that feeling!
A really clever poem, well done!
I'm so glad you're feeling better x

mihirvatsa said...

ha ha. I'm not sure on what to say on the analogy... it was some change indeed! Just yesterday, I had compared life to a failed attempt at coffee making and now, I see it as some virus infected pc! Awesome!

The poem was nice, all in all. The blog is cool!

Susannah said...

I think we all need an antivirus to run on us at sometime! Your lovely poem summed it up very well.

Good to see you back posting your words. x

The Noiseless Cuckooclock said...

good luck..

smart thinking on this.

Miss Kitten said...


If only it were as easy to cure a human of a virus. Nice analogy.

antomaniax said...

Nice work..

fiveloaf said...

small little words here and there but overall it adds up to its uniqueness of thoughts.. well written! glad to be of acquaintance again through thursday poets- my posting this week~ http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/strength-of-faith/

Anonymous said...

You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1

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The Cello Strings said...


bless you...

adnanfakir said...

Haha! This was a fun witty read! =)


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M.C. said...

Very interesting how you compared humans and computers in this poem. Thanks for sharing :)

deeju said...

good ride in the wave of poetry ocean! quite a catchy write.


Kay said...

I really like this poem a lot. I wish there were an antivirus for the way I felt today. What a creative write! Thank you so much for sharing!


Ann LeFlore said...

This was wonderful. You might like to try an antivirus but not sure if you really need one. Great piece. My entry this week is http://promisingpoetsparkinglot.blogspot.com/2011/08/agreement-for-thursday-poets-rally-week.html this is my first rally and was invited here today only

Nithin said...

it seems you are pc addicted! you reflected your state through simple medium of virus and anti virus.