Poem89.A Step

A Step

”Can You hear me?
Where are you?”
Search for you had been on
was going on and still on.

My loud inner voice
Reverberated through
the valleys green around
mountains of  vast mind.

Riding on the thoughts
looked everywhere
Couldn't find ,instead
got into a pandemonium.

For some time confused
Didn’t know what to do
What is right or wrong
Wasn’t able to decide.

Now trying to put a step
Hoping it to be the right
will take me to you, straight.
Oh! God,when will we do meet?


Laura said...

oh that feeling of being so lost without breadcrumbs back to the present in a peaceful state of being... so beautifully expressed.

Rashmi said...

it was not for the bread crumbs...
the search was for the GOD...
and the hope of finding him and meeting him..etc..

Claudia said...

smiles..sometimes we're not really sure where to search...but he makes it easy for us to find him...

Brian Miller said...

i feel you in this...feeling at a loss of direction...and maybe on the verge of hope of ever seeing them again....have felt that with God as well, but mostly i find i am never far from him, its only my own stumbling....

Mary said...

Enjoyed this. It has a kind of frantic energy to it, as the search goes on!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Beautiful. I agree with Claudia, for He is everywhere. Lovely, Rashmi.

aelfbee said...

I hope God sees past all our crooked steps and blesses our journey.

Unknown said...

I think you perfectly illustrate the complicated mess we make of seeking, reaching the divine. The process and connection are far simpler than we imagine.