Poem10. Depression


Lack of words,
lack of thoughts,
lack of actions,
no reason to live.

None to talk,
none to hear,
none to say,
we need you.

Without a smile,
without a pat,
without a feel,
failure myself.

Feeling empty
feeling lost,
feeling waste,
is this depression?

Entered for Jingle's poetry potluck. -Moods, feelings and emotions!!


J. said...

Sounds like it to me! It is a place I do not miss.

I have to ask - is English you primary language? In reading your blog I wonder if your choice of words is meant to serve a certain poetic style or if it is your English. Either way, its a pleasure to read.

Herb Alyètte said...

I thin ots so clever how you utilise tha fast pacing of this to illustrate the thoght racing through ones head. Top stuff.

And welcome to Poets United.

Herb Alyette

Rashmi said...

Thanks for reading J and Herb.
To J...No J English is not my primary language.I didnt choose my words for a poetic style..It just came like that.

fiveloaf said...

maybe, just maybe..

Jingle said...

This is sad and
you make me see depression in many ways.

beautiful word flow.
Thanks for sharing it with potluck.

abthomas said...

A beautiful flow on such an intense self-introspection.

ladynimue said...

There is this raw feeling rippling through the verses that catches your attention ! liked this :)

industrialarts said...

stripped down emotion. i liked it. great job!

ljm (Amias and Liquidplastic) said...

Yes this is depression, but sometimes, don't you think, depression make good fodder for writing poems?

The Reason You Come said...

Very emotional piece. A lot of people can probably sympathize and empathize because most of us have probably gone through this; feeling, worthless, and just hopeless. This is a simple poem, yet intense.

Shashi said...

Ofcourse it is depression and your words convey that in a very strong way..I liked it. Thanks for sharing...

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Om Namah Shivaya
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700miles said...

i hope you will leave depression as quickly as you entered....wonderful expression of feelings.

The Unknowngnome said...

A very strong write. You placed yourself inside a mood for the purpose of a write and you did it flawlessly. Well done.