Poem11. Metamorphosis

Just some questions arised in my mind.... A small poem ...about my todays thoughts ...


Oh! caterpillar,how r you?
He said, fine thank you.
If you ask me ,how r you?
Will reply,fine thank you.

Oh! caterpillar,where you go?
Above the leaves,in and out.
If you ask me ,where you go?
Through my house,in and out.

Oh! caterpillar,what you do?
Find food and have food,
If you ask me, what you do?
Make food and have food.

Telling so he went on and on
Like me ,nothing more to talk.
Went inside a nice cocoon,
Like me, in my lonely walk.

Metamorphosis, for you there
transformation, for me here.
Secluded from outside there,
trying changes alone here

After sometime it will break,
out will come a beautiful dear.
When God decides, mine to break
wonder what there be ,my dear?.


Deborah said...

I just love this!

Rinkly Rimes said...

Nice to meet you and your caterpillar! I'm also in Group 20 and I'm from Australia. Small world!

Rashmi said...

Thank you Deborah and Rinkly for visiting me...

wiserskydiver said...

kafka reader i see :D
but nicely done nothing left unturned cause when the day comes there shall be a beautiful DEAR.
enjoyed the read.

The Unknowngnome said...

Having read your previous writings and this one; "When God decides, mine to break wonder what there be ,my dear?" the answer is obvious, the same beautiful person that wrote of the butterflies as flying flowers.

Your soul shows in your words Rashmi.