Poem12. Happy journey

 Happy journey
Chuk chuk, chuk ran my train,
in a rhythm it went forward.
Watching out and just thinking,
a passing time for journey ahead.

Soft green, lush green, dark green,
different types of greenery seen.
Across the bridge we crossed a river
running eager to the sea so near.
Buildings,monuments big or small,
stands with their master's pride.
Flowers waved 'hei' to all,
 swaying their heads in breeze.

Travelling is a pleasure for me ,
lucky chance to meet unknown.
'Happy journey'  wished my dears.
 A journey makes me happy dears.
Entered for Jingles poetry potluck  --buildings-landmarks-and monuments


Jingle Poetry said...

my dearest poet friend,
how cute to see your poem starting with a chuck chuck chuck,
I used to ride trains a lot,
love the sound and your poem makes beautiful rhymes or rhythms to match it...

way to go..


here is one of my entries,
a poetry award 4 you and thank you for your support on week 9 potluck fun.

fiveloaf said...

haha nice!

Ramesh Sood said...

Liked it.. my childhood went near a railway line and have travelled a lot in trains.. always enjoyed..

Thanks for a lovely poem.. came through Poetry Potluck..

mairmusic said...

travel is fun-- you captured that well.

Shail Raghuvanshi said...

Nice one Rashmi. I just love trains. Always keep travelling by them...

TALON said...

I love train travel. You captured the joy of it beautifully.