Poem13. Invitation


Anotherone is waiting for you..?

Love,connects yourself with other;
realises was suffocation,
only adjustment,
just modesty.

Hurts, to the inner core,
breaks my heart,
the confidence,
my  pride.

Tremble without base
as a bubble ,
without direction,
ready to burst .

 To be with your love,who gets irritated,
with your dressing,
your character,
mere sight of you.

Death,people fear from the mere name
Do I fear it?
No,I wait for,
No,No Invite.

This one  was written 2 months back,but thought will fit for the prompt at Magpietales.
At  Magpie tales-We have to write a poem or short vignette using the picture featured as your inspiration.


Jingle said...

nicely done!

Diane T said...

"No I wait for No, No invite."

A very creative poem, Rashmi!

spacedlaw said...

Such sad tale. No need to invite Death - it has already an open invitation, the only guest that is sure to show up at the final party.

willow said...

Invite? Yikes! Not yet! I like what Nathalie said, Death does have an open invitation. Well done.

Myrna R. said...

I don't invite death, but I make friends with it. Might as well it's a big part of life.

Nice magpie.

Brian Miller said...

i am not afriad of it as well...when it is my time it can take me...nice mag

kathew said...

part of life, but I'm not inviting!

Reflections said...

Definite fit for the prompt. nicely written tale.