Poem14. An Affair

An Affair

Rain  rain all around
sky tries to touch the land.
When rain hits the ground
look how behaves the earth .

A kiss,a hug ,then dancing
happy to meet
after the wait.
onder as I watch them play
do they have an affair not?

Storms at times with
when they quarrel as lover's.
Inbetween the sky there clear
as if not in speaking terms.

Rains softly wildly at times
takes a break showers again.
Falls on all, tree or grass
loves the earth that is certain. 

Wrote this poem on prompt "Water" for Poets United"

also linked to Poetry Potluck: Fire, Water, Earth, Air


Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful piece of writing and imagery. The rain making the earth and sky lovers filled with eagerness for one another. That is so satisfying and comforting as well. Thank you,


Rashmi said...

Thank You Elizabeth for taking time to read and comment my write.When I looked out I saw rain coming down as sky's hand eager to touch earth.

Jingle said...

lovely poem!

Jingle said...

please feel free to take the awards in the post , share each award with 1 to 10 friends,

Awards 4 u

Happy Sunday!
Happy September

sillyfrogsusan said...

This was a joy to experience!
"Inbetween the sky there clear
as if not in speaking terms."
This made me smile!
Consider me, a fan :-)

Jingle said...

playful verse....

love the rhythms and romantic elements in it.

kashaw said...

Beautiful words. A well written and crafted piece.

Amanda said...

Amazing imagery and such a joy to read. Thanks for linking with Potluck xx