Poem.24. Graph of Life in Beach

 Graph of Life in Beach

See above the footprints,
clear so in the beach sand,
One pair shows me there,
other belongs to dear God.

If  life reviewed ,from birth
as walk in the sand, the beach ,
the graph of life of  each ,
will be like this ,sure they match.

At times  see only one pair
then again find them there.
With and without company,
life moves on so cunningly.

Each second HE's with us
as a friend and our own guide.
At the face of troubles
HE lifts us in his hands. 

We are His so dear ones
HE  can't leave in troubles.
Only the best HE gives us,
and always stays with us.

Written for Jingle's Poetry Potluck 
and for Poet United's Poetry pantry


Deborah said...

Lovely heartfelt words and a beautiful poem Rashmi.

Olivia said...

Life does move on and very cunningly- appreciate your words. Very much of a reality.. Well done My Dear..!!

Happy Potluck-

TALON said...

Lovely poem! We never walk alone.

Strummed Words said...

Lovely words. We have been thinking of loneliness and being alone in poetry today! Here's mine.

Jingle said...

wise words...
very beautifully illustrated work and lovely writing...

Thanks for the reminder.
fabulous treat.

Brian Miller said...

second on i read about not walking alone...perhps i needed to hear that today

Jingle said...


help visit Talon to wish her a happy birthday today,