Poem 71. Precious


Hunger to mingle
laugh with  ease
increase increase
difficult to control.

To be among people
watch ,argue,feel
get angry, be sad
wishing for all that.

Lives in comfort
being mentally a pauper
By world, should be happy
but not at all.

If comforts bring happiness
why does it play as a mirage
just being in front of me
not attainable..

What is precious, dear tell me,
happiness or comforts?


Deborah said...

There really is a hunger in this poem, so many feelings, and the conflict between our happiness and attaining comforts. I love 'mentally a pauper'. A wonderful poem Rashmi, and I would say happiness every time! :o)

Janet said...

This poem speaks volumes! Made me a little sad:(

Daydreamertoo said...

Our dreams give us hope and that hope is what keeps us going sometimes. There is different hunger here.
Longing for, wants, not needs and you (the writer) are voicing the difference.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

A wonderful poem about inner hunger, which so many of us try to feed with outer things. So well done and very apropos, in a world where hunger seems insatiable.

Anonymous said...

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