Poem72.The Truths

The Truths

Sitting in my grave
yet won't recognize
one shovel mud per day
or one per one minute.

The rates only differs
the task is the same
you dance be happy
cry or hate you do.

Whatever or whichever
however you have to
ought to will do
fill , your grave.

You hate or love the thought
the fact remains the same
each sec takes you more
complete towards your goal.

You negate ,say not the case
but one day you have to leave
all the whims, and fancies
which you call yours.

Birth death, the truths
mankind like to avoid.
Birth you can control
death, can you stop???


Deborah said...

What a deep and questioning poem Rashmi, very powerfully written ... well done!

Thank you for the good luck wish xxx

The Unknowngnome said...

Rashmi, this is so good. Your usage of the english is lyrical here. The closing is solid.

Just great!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Such a profound truth. I had never thought of it that way before, sitting in the grave as each day's dirt is added to the hole. Wow. We must not waste each shovel full!

Susannah said...

Oh Rashmi this is such a thought provoking poem. You put your point across very well. x

Mary said...

Thought-provoking. Death comes to all, an inevitability for sure. We all have to find a way to make peace with that fact.

Laura Maria said...

Very good ending!

Yousei Hime said...

Every step brings one closer to death, so make the most of each one? Good words.

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Anonymous said...

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Reading your poem will make me appreciate each moment of life much more.
A very good reminder of how we are here for a time.....


Anonymous said...

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Very good ending!