Poem 75.A Promise From To Me

A Promise From To Me

Flying high in the sky
saw clouds passing by
Rainbow so divine
was visible at distance.

Happy, so happy
wished to touch beauty
took a full breath
sped with all strength.

Speeding to the aim distant
forgot my limitations
me, a tiny sparrow
never crossed my thoughts.

Reality dawned with time
tired, gasping  fell down
then too mind was aiming
was there, with the rainbow.

High above the mountains
you shine with divine beauty
Will come near you, one day
sure, a promise from to me.


Lalkrishna Varavoor said...

oh, beautiful poem. one day surely be in cloud nine.

Jennifaye said...

I like how you pictured the beauty of promise and hope in this poem. Thanks for sharing this.

Tarang Sinha said...

Beautiful composition!:)

Renee said...

Beautifully written taking me on the flight with this small bird.

ZQ said...

An interesting read. I enjoyed it. Thank you

Susannah said...

Rashmi, this is beautiful! So glad to see some new posts from you. x

Deborah said...

This is beautiful Rashmi, I was completely swept along with it.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Lovely - we all seek that rainbow.

Anna :o]